Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday in Carson City, NV

We had no idea we would end up so close to Reno or I would have called Tim and Diann.

We set out this a.m. to explore the Nevada side of Tahoe. We discovered we prefer South Lake Tahoe. I'm sure if we'd drive further around the lake we would have found nice areas on the Tahoe side - but mostly we saw big casinos, fancy house and pay areas. We prefer being able to park our car and hike.

We headed to Carson City to add Nevada's state capital to our list of visited capitals. We did a self-tour through both the Assembly and State Capital buildings.

We walked around the town following Kit Carson's trail. Visited a nice museum and had lunch at 3 p.m. before heading back to the campground. Stacia and I walked through every exhibit backwards - but we got the gist of mining, battles, coins and ghost towns.

The kids had been aching to launch into the swimming pool at our campground - so they spent a couple hours of swimming before dinner.

Dinner was followed by s'mores, Patrick McManus and reminiscing around the campfire. In the midst of it all a new family camping memory was made. I was stoking the fire and heard Zander yell, "Nolan your butts on fire."  Maybe you had to be there but it WAS very funny. I immediately texted the incident to the older kids and Bowers who all remember the "burning marshmallow in the eye incident." Ah - the camping memories.

As we shared camping memories we realized Stacia had never been camping until recently. Zander remembers only one or two trips. It's the way the assignments rolled. We camped when the older ones were younger, and still camped through our first two assignments. Got really busy our 3rd and 4th assignment. We bought the trailer our 4th assignment. We did a bit of camping for that year and then went to Japan - while the camping supplies went to storage in TX. We've been here a year and have been to Gma's homes or TX on every vacation or leave time.  I was surprised when we started sharing camping memories to discover the younger two don't have any.....so now we're on a mission to make camping memories. We've started, "Nolan......."

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