Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another day....

I have felt like a slug today. I've felt totally unmotivated. I've felt like I'm living on an adrenalin rush. I've proven once again that I can't trust my feelings - except for that heart-racing, adrenalin-rush thing.
We have already finished over 1 week of school - in all subjects including TOG.
We've finished several Chinese projects. Today I printed out all the directions for our Ancient Greece and Rome Kit.
I sent out info for our United co-op. I revised and sent out a newbie letter to our new co-op members. I put an order in for a lady without computer access.
I've been missing's only 4 days until the dogs race through downtown Anchorage...the Iditarod. Christmas lights come down when the last dog reaches Nome. We couldn't keep that tradition down here. ::snort:: I've been getting things ready for us to track the race.
Ah, the joys of having an older homeschooled brother - Jared made a Grecian sword and helmet for Zander.