Thursday, July 20, 2017

Home Re- Inspection....

The day on our papers for closing is Friday, 21 July. Tomorrow.  We had hoped it would be earlier.  It wasn't meant to be.

We are waiting to hear the verdict from the VA appraiser. The home was inspected a week ago, 13 July.  From the time their report hits our lender it will be 8 - 10 days if all goes well to closing. SO.....we aren't closing tomorrow.

Today, we met our realtor and home inspector to do the final inspection of the repairs we had requested. They are all done. The deck looks nice.  We are concerned about the condition of the retaining wall and what the appraiser thought about it. We had voiced this and the seller was going to "make it safe." I'm not sure what they did, but the concern is still there. Our prayer is it simply passes appraisal and we'll fix the wall ourselves. Otherwise, we're looking at more time spent getting it done before closing.

This was the kids' first time to see the inside of the house. They are troopers. The downstairs has been cleared and cleaned. Someone is living upstairs, and it was cluttered and dirty. I hope it was in better shape when the appraiser saw it.  I was amazed a home which looked so bright and elegant could look like this in 2 months. I kept reminding all it looked great two months ago, and it will again.  I don't think there's been any structural damage. I need to research how to bring up how to help a hard wood floor along.

At this point, we just want to begin yard work, painting and settling.

Cory arrives Tuesday the 24th. We won't be in a house. The girls, kids and Izaak arrive the 31st - maybe we'll have a house by then. Friends have offered trailers so each will have a trailer, if needed, until the house closes. We are still trying to figure out the logistics of all of us fitting in the house. LOL

We left the home inspection and went directly to the Russian River. It seemed a better way to spend the weekend than sitting around the travel camp on JBER.