Monday, July 06, 2009

Recent Developments

Before I say a thing further - we NEVER leave valuables in the car. We NEVER leave our personal documents in the van....never...EXCEPT for this one time...and there you have it. We are fully aware that this is our responsibility....but we need to figure it out from here.

We're about to be interviewed for the local news. Now THAT will be fun....maybe the police dept will now take tips seriously...maybe the hotel will get a bit more interested in helping me out. LOL Now to ditch the boys' cowboy hats before the interview. ::snort::

Air Force PA says to go ahead and go for it.....looks like Mike is flying and we aren't.

Recent developments:

Tim and Kathy (of last week's water fight) have loaned us their mini-van.

The less than genius robbers "charged" with Krista's debit for gas, Verizon accounts, groceries....they even tried to get Krista's employee discount at Albert sons. Last night at 11 p.m. they got gas at Sullivans and groceries at Burien Albertsons. Police says that won't help them find them. ::sigh::

We're to get the whole city's eyes out looking for the van.

McChord insists that getting replacement passports is the same process as new and that I'll have to start with birth certificates and then apply for passports.....but they have a couple of rooms the kid and I can stay in. We've spent an hour on hold with the State Dept and can't reach a person to verify that there is no other way to do this.

NARHS (our umbrella school) said to send them a summary sheet, course description, homeschool transcript and the police report and they will accept that for Jamin's final grades....if Jared's portfolio doesn't show up in a few weeks we'll do the same for his Freshman year. They are doing this because of our long standing relationship, our "stellar records" in the past and their belief that we are people of integrity. They are also praying for us and our advisor reminded me that there is a blessing in this for us, if I will look for it. I'm looking.

I'm trying to figure out HOW to finalize a plan for the younger ones and I. Mike and the older ones will leave tomorrow.

A son just quipped that I should go ask certain political figures how THEY got quick birth certificates. ::snort::

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