Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday Projects

If you'd like to see and hear a video about this day check out our YouTube channel by clicking the underlined text.

The day began with Michael and I thinking we wouldn't get a lot done today. His shoulder was in more pain than normal, I had another headache and we were both just tired. As the day went on we found motivation and got quite a lot done.. 

Michael continues to watch this hole. He wanted to remove this stump for "landscaping purposes." Wow - the hole seems to be alive - .but it will be nice and flat when we're all done. This is NOT something I want to do for each dead stump around here. LOL 

The boys and Michael emptied part of the garage, unloaded the trailer's supplies into the garage, and then went to Lowe's again for more supplies to build the chicken coop.  

I cleaned the chick's brooder, and canned. I started with 17 pints of various dried beans. Izaak came in and we put up 24 half pints of salmon and a couple of pints as well. We tried a steak to see what would happen.  I did another 7 quarts of pinto and red beans after dinner. This is the first time I've had a jar break. Two of them broke before the day was over. The first, was because I didn't let the canner get all the way to "0" and sit for 10 minutes before opening it. I was very careful with the last one and lost a jar there too. It's fascinating to me the jars did not shatter - just a perfectly smooth, precise chunk blown out... the bottom looks like it was simply shaved off the last one. 

BreZaak and kids came over for dinner. Izaak grilled, and I turned two pints of beans into a Bush Bean type concoction and steamed broccoli. They informed me of the recall of romaine - which is a mainstay here.....sparse dinner for the vegan in the group. 

We managed to fill the day - mostly with work preparing for more projects to complete in the upcoming weeks.