Sunday, May 29, 2022

Extra Shots and Ending the Week

The weather this week has been fantastic! 70's every day. Stacia found some time to "write" outside...

And this looks to be a great spot for a study break.  

I'm not sure where Danny expected to end up - but stuck was probably not his original goal. LOL 

I thought the chickens would like this tray of left over Brussel plant seedlings. No, they did not. Bertha was the first to try (as she often is) and somehow communicated to the others that it wasn't worth their time. 

I had my A1C on Friday. I grabbed these in celebration. It turns out neither really tempt me...but the family is enjoying them. LOL

Driving our local roads never gets old with views like this. 

Stacia - still driving - not the same day as the 1st photo

It happens seemingly overnight. The trees are filled with leaves, the devil's club and stinging nettle are out. The woods are magical. 

Unfortunately, this means it's ALSO time to start mowing....once again I am wondering if we could hire a team to  take care of the takes us so long.  Stacia and I spent a couple of hours working on the small bits of the yard. We ran out of gas so I'll continue later....If we hired someone it would be all DONE at once....and we'd have those 10 - 15 hours back in the week to work on other projects such as staining the house, building a retaining wall, terracing the garden....hmmm.....

Michael had sermon prep. The older 3 "kids"  put in 8 - 10 hour work days. Stacia and I worked in the yard. Grandpa is sleeping more than I've ever seen him sleep.  This evening the kids stayed home with Grandpa, who doesn't feel strong enough to get up, let alone go out. 

Michael and I drove into Eagle River and had dinner with JaRissa and Jamin. It was quite fun. 

Another week is in the bags.