Monday, July 16, 2007

Mike's Experiment:

Same room, same time, same girl, same lighting....

Now with the SLR:
She is moving in this one....
We really concluded, as Lisa has, that nothing will compare to the SLR....for taking quick shots of little ones....I think I will begin to leave the Nikon out again....and if we get a point and click it will be for things that pop up when I haven't brought the SLR. Maybe. LOL
Our Grand Shopping Adventure

This led to a quick trip to Sam's Club for:
and Milk (the boys are thrilled to be off their month of milk rations! LOL)
Gas in our hometown....ties with Troutdale, OR for the cheapest we've seen (Oh - the Sam's door guard was not happy that I took this photo - I explained).
"Getting My House in Order" or "Vacation Recovery"

I've decided to spend the week focusing on my continuing quest for organization. This covers much more than the physical home. Two years ago God told me to spend the next season of my life "getting my house in order". I'll write more about that later - maybe.

For NOW - this means that I'm getting back to routines. I want to tie up loose ends from last school year. I need to get the boys' portfolios mailed. The house is fairly clean but I want to deep clean a few areas. I want to organize the school closet, my files, and Darshia motivated us to try yet another overhaul of our toy closet. ::snort:: I also want all the walls washed. I have a ton of "getting back home things to do". I'm taking this week to get it all in order before I try to jump back into life.

The exception to this is the produce co-op. I NEED produce on Friday so I will spend some time tomorrow making calls, hopefully getting enough shares to place an order.

Today I: continued laundry, paid bills, balanced the checkbook, returned library books, bought produce, COOKED dinner, met our new chaplains, sent out a produce co-op email, made some phone calls, picked up PBS books at the post office and went to Curves.

I also said "no". I wanted to say "yes". Our region is having a Leadership Retreat THIS weekend. It would be Friday/Saturday. They graciously offered to pay my gas and room and would really like for me to come. I'd like to go. The speaker will be great. The weekend is geared to making you a better leader. I'd love to be there. PWOC here is small and I miss a larger group of supportive military women. This would be a great thing. EXCEPT - I JUST GOT HOME FROM A 31 DAY TRIP!!! I would have to drive to Lawton, OK on Friday and back on Saturday Evening..... and really it is in conflict with my overriding goal for the week - and this season "to get my house in order". I said, No. Lynn, Darshia - are you proud of me? I don't think I said "no" more than 2 times in Alaska. ::snort:: I felt terrible telling them no and they may call again tomorrow....If you hear I'm going to OK over the weekend...I said "maybe". ::snort::