Sunday, August 22, 2021

Starting Down the Path of Home Education

 Remember our "Box Day"?  These lovelies had their very own Sonlight Box Day....

Bella - staring Kindergarten         πŸ“· by Bre

Bella's excitement is GREAT as she begins Kindergarten and Gideon is beginning Pre-school.  When I was over last week Bella gleefully showed me the cabinet which hosts all her school things. She told me we must NEVER take the child proof lock off without asking Mama. ::snort::  It is FULL of wonderful supplies and adventures about to happen. 

Gideon  - Pre-school 4            πŸ“· by Bre

How fun is it that Bre has chosen Sonlight as the backbone of her curriculum?  We used Sonlight when it was first getting started,  used various other things, and are back with Sonlight now (along with various other things). 
Gideon, Bella, Bre and Jojo, Annie         πŸ“· from Bre

It's kinda mind blowing to think WE are using Sonlight's AP courses at the same time THEY are using Sonlight Pre-K and K. 

Of course Bre WAS doing things with them last year as well, but this is her first year "officially" schooling...Second generation homeschooling - but then I think maybe THIRD...because there were a couple of years on the mission field I was homeschooled (though we didn't CALL it that) before I went to boarding school. 

Danny & Benny (Pre-4) πŸ“· by Arielle

Benny, 4, is working on pre-school as well. They incorporate unit studies and lots of real life outdoors activities into their learning.  They are focusing on colors, numbers, shapes, letters, animals, habitats and anything else that catches their interest. Recently, Benny has added all things penguin to his dinosaur fascination.  We can always tell what their focus is by the random comments Benny shares as he drops by to hang out. 

Benny is pretty impressed with lines 
πŸ“· by Arielle

"You're a pretty good girl, Baachan." 

 "Is it nice to call xyz an Elephant?" 

Ah, learning how to be polite and use your words to encourage others. Got it. 

 "Baachan do you have PENQUINS here? Let's play the penguin game." 

"I love you to the planet and stars and universe Baachan." 

πŸ“· by Arielle

As the girls begin down the path of home educating with their little ones, I can't help but think back on our path. These years were fun, hard, long and not quite long enough, tedious at times, filled with excitement at other times, but always these years brought adventure and connection to our family.  And - they learned! We are in our 33rd year...and I'm thinking when Stacia graduates and I'm no longer needed as a home educator...I can be the visiting teacher, or substitute as needed,  for years to come! 

You all make us proud! 

*BTW I will be proud of ALL the grands...some will home educate, some will not. All are amazing in my eyes. LOL 

Moose Alarm

 Millie went wild....

It took just a bit of observation to find the source of her craziness. 

With the world once more safe, Millie cuddles on Michael's lap. She may never realize she's not a lap dog.