Sunday, January 06, 2019

Epiphany - Goodbyes, Brunches, Scavenger Hunts & Frozen Eggs

Today is Epiphany and would be a great traditional tie-in to gift giving. ::snort:: We didn't. Not quite yet.  I fell down on my blogging job.

{Insert untaken photo of fun foursome  at airport}

It was a quick visit. It has me determined ONE of these kids will get a job with Alaskan Airlines so we, their parents, can fly standby.  The time with Don and Beth was soul refreshment.

We (Michael, Krista and I)  texted the Eagle River contingent as we left the airport. We met up at Bear Mountain Grill for a brunch buffet with Josiah, Jamin and JaRissa.

{Insert untaken photo of mounds of food in Alaskan cafe}

One of the Christmas Scavenger Hunt Gifts was Incredibles 2. Michael thought we should wait until Nolan was home from work and we could watch it together. Nolan was happy we waited for him.

Another round of Dominion. Alex won this time - or so I was told. 
Michael, Nolan, Stacia, Alex, Krista
 We found ourselves with two gifts left AFTER the 12 Days of Christmas so we finished them up tonight.  Here is the first clue....

Stacia is not overly impressed....

She and Alex ran out to the garage, barefoot in -10* weather to look around the water heater....
Of course, we aren't sure why one would wear shorts in -10* weather
 The gift was hidden by my electric hot water pot - in the cozy nook. It was a Dairy Queen gift card.  Arielle and Benny had come up to help in the search.
Benny, Arielle,Nolan, Krista, Stacia, Alex 

The second clue proved to be much harder to solve. Michael gave a second clue - Triangles 1, 2, 5.  Then he sent Alex out with the recycling and still.....

Finally - the 3 parts were in the recycling bins for 1, 2, and 5 items.

Jack-Jack was bemused by all the activity

The gift was a variety of photo prompts - because one must ALWAYS take a photo of the kids in front of the Christmas tree.

But, first, Alex and I checked on the girls. Oh bother! I am going to have to check out there much more frequently with it being this cold. Frozen eggs.


And then a strange one or two.... 

The creepy Tim Hawkins move... LOL 

It really is about time for Christmas to end, or at least for the Christmas decor to go away. ::wink:: We talked about it and decided to leave it all up until we do gifts. I think the first opportunity will be this Saturday.

I've also been asked to get the Gingerbread poll up soon. LOL