Tuesday, August 02, 2022

The SECRET We've Kept This Year

We've had a secret for about a year now...It began as a nudge from the holy spirit. They shared their thoughts with us. We all began to pray. They began a year-long process with its ups and downs, but it looks like it IS going to happen....I have had a photo on my phone in the grandblessing file for a couple of months...it's the front facing copy of the one below. We've prayed, believed, been frustrated and now.... I asked Arielle if I could just copy her thoughts for the blog...

From Arielle: We’ve been working on something incredible and life changing for almost a year now. As of end of July, we are officially licensed as foster parents! We’re excited to have a little guy about D’s age join our family “sometime soon” as we work towards adoption.

His story is all his to tell when and if he wants to but he’s truly a miracle and blessing, one we can’t wait to have join our family, adventures and life. It’s been a God thing from the beginning, and I fell in love the moment I saw him, and I’ve been getting all teary eyed about it frequently πŸ˜…πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
I could write a whole book on my thoughts, emotions, prayers and dreams, all the things I’ve been learning, but for now We’d love prayers for our little guy and his people. Prayers as we transition to a family of FIVE. Prayers for the next legal steps and all the ups and downs we know it will involve (Hollywood makes it look so simple and rosy😏). Prayers for me as I navigate having two toddlers- three energetic wonderful boys πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Boys and Blooms

I walked into CoRielle's home this morning and immediately knew there was a different kind of busy-ness today! The vacuum was whirring, the chairs were stacked away from the table, and the boys were nowhere to be seen. Benny was busy vacuuming. "Honey" (Arielle) was having a meeting today....and company tomorrow. LOL  Unfortunately, the photos of our industrious crew were all blurry. 

Monday, when Benny stopped by for respite care, he burst in the house saying, "Bachan! Guess what? There were TWO Boss Babies and I got one so there is only ONE Boss Baby."  He told me today that they were mean babies but if I wouldn't be afraid, we could watch it together. Which we did. 

Next on our agenda was a quick trip to the park and a mile walk around the neighborhood. I pointed out it may rain on us if we left the house. Benny assured me it doesn't hurt to get a little bit wet to go on a walk. This seems to be a truth one could live by. 

LOOK! In the midst of that horrible weed patch/garden is a single bloom...further investigation revealed the rest of the row still working towards blossoms, and the artichoke plants. 

Blooms everywhere this morning.  I realize the summer is nearly over, but I grew these from SEEDS. Next year I'll know to start the seeds earlier...next year I'll have the greenhouse established before the growing season and can begin getting things going before the last frost. 

Michael, the girls and I took a break right in the middle of the day to read a chapter from "Inkheart" and to watch an episode of "Manifest." These are things we want to do WITH Allie and since she is working - we are learning creative scheduling. 

Girls? Let me brag on them a bit. Stacia took a test in her last Japanese class and ACED it. Kim said she believes she is the only one of her students who has ever made 100% on that test. AND Allie took her English assessment for college and is going to be able to CLEP freshman English. Go girls!