Thursday, April 06, 2017


I still haven't taken the photos to show the recent changes we've made to the motorhome, but I thought some may enjoy this glimpse. Today, we moved. NOT to a new living location - we needed to refill the propane tanks and get a bit of work done on the rig. I had totally and completely forgotten Michael made an appointment to take the RV to Hitch Pro and Tow today. BOTH of Mom's appointments were cancelled  - it all worked out well. Our own little scheduling miracle.

This is what the back looks like when we're ready to move. The bathroom door still opens. We could get stuff off the bed, but at this point we haven't wanted to sleep and drive anyway. 

This is the front when we're closed up and ready to drive. 

The blue tubs are our library and school resource books. The top left is sports stuff and the right is ALL the holiday decor we brought....for every holiday. I do enjoy a simplified life. The ice cream maker and fire pit fill out this bay. 

The flowered bag contains our seasonal clothes. We THOUGHT it would hold winter coats. In reality, it holds our shorts and tank tops. ::snort::  One of the tubs is my pantry. The other tub holds the books for a year of Tapestry of Grace. 

Yuuki NEVER is allowed on the dash. However, I had the kids in the Jeep and took them to Mom and Dad's to do school. Yuuki is terrified of  riding in the RV. She MUST ride on Nolan's lap. Nolan's lap was unavailable. As Michael began to drive, a streak landed on the dash. She rode well there. I MAY give in and buy her a pillow for riding on the dash - but I don't want her nails to puncture the vinyl.

Michael has been working to install a tow package on the RV and the Jeep. He took it to the shop for two reasons, 1. He was more comfortable having them connect the brake line from the RV to the Jeep and 2. He wanted them to check his work.

All checked out! He hooked up and towed the jeep. He reports you don't even know it's back there. He had to keep checking to make sure it hadn't broken away.

This goes a long way in preparing for our upcoming road trip to CO and TX.  We drove back home and hooked everything back up again. This is pretty common in the park as folks don't want to pay for the adapter which would allow propane to be delivered to an external tank.