Monday, December 03, 2007

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That title should say it all. ::snort::

Zander and I went in bright and early for his second root canal today. I remembered as we drove that I’d forgotten the camera. Zander actually asked me to PLEASE go home and get the camera because he would like a photo of him and Dr. S. Here you go! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Zander marched right in, laid back, and opened his mouth. Dr. S told him he could shut his mouth and he said, "Well what? Aren't you going to fix my tooth?" ::snort::

We love Dr. S. He will be a Concordia preferred provider by January. Yippee! We won't transfer the WHOLE family, but I will have Zander and possibly Stacia seen here. I received the check today from Concordia for the first tooth. They would NOT pay AT ALL for the laughing gas. The least I can do is post a photo of that spendy gas in use....

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Our total was $467 (minus 10% military discount from Dr. S) – Concordia sent $180. I had hoped for at LEAST half. Ah well. Dr. S is WONDERFUL with Zander and worth the extra $ and the beans and rice this week. ::snort:: Oh yes, Zander got the dolphin room again and shared how he prays for dolphins every night.

Great news is that Dr. S discovered when he got in there that the nerve in this tooth had really NOT been damaged. He didn’t have to have a root canal – just a crown put on. It was cheaper and much less time. Mike arrived just as we were signing all the paperwork at the end. ::snort::

After the appointment Zander and I went to McDonalds for ice cream. We then headed to Office Max for a new hard drive.

Nolan and I headed for speech. After speech we came home and grabbed Arielle and made the rounds of Dollar Stores and grocery stores. I was buying things to make little gifts for Tuesday Night Bible Study and Ladies Tea on Saturday. I can’t write more about that now – but will show pictures tomorrow night.

At dinner Zander eyes teared up. He informed us, "First you got me this silver tooth. Now this one (accompanied with pointing) and I can't chew on any side now." The poor boy had thought when told last week not to chew on his silver tooth that it meant EVER....I think he'll be happier with the tooth now that he realizes he CAN chew with them. LOL

Debbie and son Michael or “Mock” as Stacia calls him, came over to scan some homework to Steve, who is still deployed. Dad will help with the Alg homework and scan it back. ::snort::

It was a full day.
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