Wednesday, June 13, 2007


THIS is a momentous post. I have resisted writing my blog entries in Word since my computer crashed. I composed, added photos etc in Word so that I would have a printable form of my journal/blog – just in case I ever wanted to print it...and in case blog spot ever hiccups. Yes, you read it right. I would compose, add photos, save, copy text to blogger, and then upload photos AGAIN.

When my computer broke, I decided that I would use the blogger screen alone until I had MY computer back…after all it was only temporary. Today I admit that this is not temporary. I may never see MY computer again. ::snort:: I’ve got a LOT of blog entries now that I have to figure out how to get into Word.

I realize that All that doesn’t matter a WIT to anyone but ME. LOL

Thanks for all the well wishes for a quiet day today. Let’s see…
~Curves – weigh in, blogged that already.

~Ran to the recycling center AGAIN (with 3 youngest ones in tow).

~Deposited all checks in local bank that I forgot at HOME yesterday when I went to the bank. ::snort::

~Jamin made trail mix, muffins, and granola for our trip.

~Tried to keep younger ones who are getting VERY wound up – calm!

~Had a meeting with the owner of our local health food store. We discussed what he could do for us price wise since Shop Natural is now adding a $50 per month fuel charge. While there we discussed milk. Yeah – milk. I know – strange – but it was on my mind. Yesterday Zander had skim milk at BK. The healthy choice. ::snort:: - except for HIM he can’t handle the preservative in the skim milk. THEN we went to Sam’s club – of the blinking lights. By the time we left the store he was spinning and flapping….I’m going to have to be diligent on this trip. I’ve also been thinking about the high price of milk since last Sunday night when it cost Mike $4.11 a gal. at Wal-Mart. I asked David if he knew where I could buy CERTIFIED raw milk. Certified because Mike wants it checked. Certified raw milk is scrutinized very carefully! I’ve been looking for this for a long time. He said that he is forming a buying club. The dairy is CERTIFIED, and will deliver here once a month. OK – that’s not wonderful but it’s a start. The milk will be $5 a gal – because it’s a buying club. $5 isn’t too bad for certified raw…..and the price gap narrows the more that milk prices rise.

~Took Jamin to the library so he could tour the reference section with the librarian. I was chided for having my water bottle in the library. That’s a first! I’ve been reading a book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Those few minutes in the library led to this: all written by DB or from personal friends, family members. ~Got some make up and chatted with my neighbor who sells it.

~Did I say the children are WILD? Zander has asked me 30 times today when we are leaving.

~I got to talk to Krista – who is ill.

~I talked to Bre – who is excited to see us in a couple of weeks.

~I cleaned and did laundry.

~ I kept typing the spreadsheets for the trip (camping list, destinations, people to see….)

~Stacia emptied Arielle’s suitcase and climbed in. She spent the rest of the day looking at Cy’s photos and saying, “Cyy…..Cyyyy!!!”

We Have a Campground in Spokane

We had planned to stay in the church's parking lot. It was a nice offer and was free. BUT now that we know the AF will pay lodging for Mike (and were prepared to pay a hotel room)....we found a campground. It will have SHOWERS. The RV does have a shower but for 8 of us - not quite speedy...and the hot water tank won't hold out for that many showers. ::snort::

I cracked the man up in WA. He said the quoted rate was for 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 pets. I asked him if we couldn't count two of the kids as pets. No go. Then he wanted to know if we had Good Sam. I told him we had an Uncle Sam card.

No pool - but showers and wi fi....and really Mom and Dad will have a pool at their hotel so we'll visit them. ::snort:: Yeah - that will inconspicuous.

I can't believe we've been in ELEVEN years and NO ONE ever metioned that if the wing wants to they can pay for Denominational Conventions for chaplains, as a TDY. We've always thought it was permissive TDY. That means they give him time off and it doesn't count as leave, but we pay all travel and lodging expenses. Well - always before they've not even given him time OFF but this new commander has approved it all. Shew...what a savings that will be for us not to have to pay gas all the way out.

The problem about not staying at the church is we would have had more chance of seeing the girls....and we'd be right next to "The Mod" where the Master's "boys" live.....thought maybe that would have provided some fun....I even planned to leave a rattler on their doorstep when we left town....NOW what will I do for fun in Spokane????? Yeah, I know Mom - but honestly - the conference is the one part of this trip I could do without. ::snort::


Well, I now have PROOF that I DO "pop out" immediately when I'm pregnant. I dreaded doing the whole measurement thing again - after two months of no ab work and a month of no Curves. I did want to do it before we left.

I weigh the same....BUT I'm's situated differently. My waist and ab measurement were both higher. The trainer could tell it was depressing to me. She told me that with all that is going on in my body, the modified workouts, the pregnancy, and the miscarriage, that staying the same weight is great. I wanted to cry because she was being so kind - but I didn't. ::snort::

I LOST inches in my hips, my thighs, and my fat percentage is really...the increased measurements in my waist and ab? Yep - I DO show very early in a pregnancy.....It would have been worse two weeks ago, because my clothes are starting to fit better again.::snort:: Also proof positive that every lb I gain DOES go right to my abs. Time to get back to those crunches.

I have a travel pass for Curves but realistically I don't see being able to GET to a Curves in CA or WA.....I am going to take my 8 minutes in the Morning cards and look for lots of chances to power walk. Ugh - I feel like I'm going to lose ANOTHER month towards my goals....

Book Review: The Ministry of Motherhood, Ch 13

Chapter 13 - Persistent Miracles a Model for Training

We've moved into part four of the book and are discussing the Gift of Training this week. Training leads us to share in God's holy character

"Growing in godliness and learning to apply wisdom in the context of daily life is a long-term process that requires instruction, practical application, and correction - sometimes a lot of correction! This process of training takes place in many different ways over a lifetime - from other people, from books, from the Lords' discipline." page 137

"We are our children's first source for learning what it means to live for God in this fallen world." page 137 I know many of these statements are convicting and challenging. It comes to mind that we can't have it both ways. If we want to say that motherhood is a mission, a calling, and a ministry - then we have to accept that what we do matters. That our actions and beliefs will have consequences. I appreciate Sally calling us over and over to examine what we are living before our children.

Sally begins the week by taking us on an overview of Jesus' training of his disciples. She focus' in this chapter on the miracles he preformed.

"So how does all this apply to motherhood? To me, it's a comforting reminder that any kind of training takes time, patience, and endurance." page 145.

"Even Jesus had to be patient with fully grown but spiritually immature men who seemed slow to respond to his training, so we must practice patience with our children - and ourselves. The very nature of training is that it usually involves immature individuals, which means it takes a long time to accomplish its goals. " page 146.

I couldn't help but think here that parenting is all the more complicated when you have immature parents training immature children. ::snort:: I shudder when I think back to the attitudes that I had about being a wife and mother at the start of our marriage. . . but God is faithful and has matured me through the roles he called me to. I think I'm better at mothering now than I was 22 years ago - though our oldest ones love me to pieces.

"But the Hebrews writer urged them on with a message that also applies to parents seeking to train their children: "Therefore, do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised." (verses 35 - 36).

Oh ladies, I think we need to take this to heart. I also think that we need to look around and notice all the young moms who need Titus 2 type women to come alongside them. I spent years bemoaning the fact that no one would mentor me. One day God lovingly slapped me upside the head and told me to it wasn't all about me and that I should look around and see who may be craving my mentoring. ::snort:: Let's face it my generation hasn't done a great job of investing in their children, of valuing children. Our society as a whole wants "instant" solutions, "instant" happiness, and "instant" answers. Marriage, mothering - simply aren't like that. We need to encourage young women under our influence....that marriage can be HARD, mothering can be HARD and they need to endure. They need to press on. I can remember how amazed I was when I made a commitment to tell as many young wives as I could in my Bible Studies that marriage is hard in about year 2 - 4 and that this is not the time to think they need to divorce. So many had never been told that this is normal... they get their views of marriage from movies - many coming from one -parent homes.....and the same hold true of motherhood. I had many tell me that they figured it was time for a divorce and knowing that we had had a tough spot encouraged them.....and BTW we hit another rocky patch when my groom hit 41 - 43.....but you work through those things. I figure putting up with his slump was a small price to pay for having a godly man around who will put up with my upcoming menopause slump. ::snort:: Seriously, I'd not heard that many have that phase to work through in marriage....I would think that the empty nest would be another one of those patches...but I wouldn't really know for sure yet. I know menopause will be because my friends who are a few years older than I tell me it is. LOL

Wait - I digressed!
"We are to to be their consistent, loving persevering trainers, and this means we must persevere in hope, even when we don't seem to be going anywhere." page 147 - BTW this is talking about our children here not our husbands - I simply tip toed through the rabbit trail above. LOL

"This gift of training will serve them their whole lives as they walk faithfully and boldly in the footsteps of the One who fed the multitudes, calmed the seas....and managed to turn a group of bungling, immature men into true apostles." page 147

Book Review: The Ministry of Motherhood

Gift of Faith Discussion Guide
I'll save most my comments until I see others starting to comment.
1. Read Ps 119:105. According to this verse, what will give our children a proper foundation and guidance on their path of life? In what ways does this apply to our calling as ministers to our children?
2. Make a list of five things you could to do incorpoarte God's Word more effectively into your everyday family life. Pick one item from the list and commit to applying it faithfully for six weeks. I love this question and can't wait to hear your great ideas. I love the challenge to apply it for six weeks. So often we think in terms of 2 weeks - which really isn't long enough to establish a life-long habit or make a lasting change.
3. Hebrews 11:6 tells us that without faith, it is impossible to please God. What circumstances has God recently allowed in your own life that call for faith? In what ways are you modeling faith before the yes of your childen so that they are learning how to have faith in God?
Hmmm....deployment, finances, plans for older 3 children, miscarriage...lots of lessons on surrender and faith in God's nature during this season of our family life.
4. Think of a time in the past when you have had to walk by faith but now look back to see what God has done. Tell your children about this experience in the form of a bedtime story. (If you can't think of a time in your own life, look for a children's bok about faithful people. Or tell them the stories of Abraham and Sarah or Joseph in Egypt).
5. According to Ephesians 2:8, what does God say in the the source of your salvation? What does faith have to do with this? Do your children understand that God's love is a free gift with no strings attached? Plan out how you can communicate this principle to them.