Sunday, April 01, 2018

Easter 2018

We began the day with breakfast at our church. The service was meaningful, encouraging and challenging. After church the kids had an Easter Egg hunt. I copied this photo from Facebook. I can't resist showing you what an Easter Egg Hunt in our part of Alaska looks like. 

Things were set and ready at home for the kids to arrive back from their churches and from Eagle River. 

Yuuki very carefully guarded the ham while we were gone and through the afternoon.

Jamin and Josiah moved to their own apartment this weekend. They came out early to play some games and visit. The three "at home Gherkins," love Sunday afternoon games with the older ones. It is worth noting that Josiah won this game of Duopoly. 

Eventually, it was FINALLY time for dinner... the food was good, the fellowship sweet. I didn't take photos. Bre and Izaak opted to hide eggs in our home, instead of outside. The first egg Bella picked up got dye all over her hands. She wasn't so sure about the activity after that, but with a little encouragement she gave it another try.  We did find an errant egg under the couch on Wednesday....well....o.k. Yuuki found it. ::snort::

If you'd like to watch Bella's first Egg Hunt  check out this video on our YouTube channel.