Thursday, March 04, 2021

Winter P. E.

Stacia is perfecting on new skills. The driveway is a good spot to practice a bit of an incline...I knew she would like cross country skiing if we could make it happen. We found all but the boots for me....must make a trip to Play it Again Sports soon. 

Millie is not 100% sure Stacia should be outside without her. At this point Stacia doesn't need the chaos factor of our whackadoodle. 

While Stacia enjoys a bit of winter PE, Nolan works away on his new class at Western Governor's University. 

Sun. We have sun. We have 12 hours and 11 minutes of light to be exact. It would be an error to think we have warmth, tulips, or green shoots; but we have sunlight. It's been -2* the last few mornings when I take Alex to work. 

Seriously, do you get it? WE.HAVE.SUN. We can get OUT in it - and soon it will warm up enough nostril hairs won't freeze when one plays in it. LOL