Thursday, September 30, 2021

Random Glimpses of September

The weather is changing...Stacia and I may not be bringing breakfast to the top of the mountain for Bible study many more weeks. 

Sept 3rd fireweed...starting to seed out...

 It seems I'm not the only one who likes to sit by the garden. In future years I see flowers, garden art, maybe a gazebo. It's a common site to look outside and see Michael connecting with one or both of the girls. 

I am not sure what prompted the roar...but both were having fun with it. 

Game Night

Sept 20th and Stacia has finished her Alaska History Course

Lots of time cutting and splitting wood in September

The girls model their new fall looks. 

Stacia says she and Michael were bored. That would explain playing Sorry. LOL 

This cracked the girls and I up. Note the decal says "Student Driver" and the woman INSIDE the care is talking on the phone! 

Allie is knocking ASL out of the park! 

Brit Lit. I planned to keep up with the girls. I gave up on Gulliver's Travel, and I'm ALWAYS behind, but I'm still hanging in there.  Sitting for tea and Lit discussion is becoming a highlight of this school year. 

This is also the month everyone started school. Allie is a senior. Stacia is a junior. BUT Bella is in kindergarten. 

Bella and Jojo 

Gideon is 4 years old and in Pre-school. They are homeschooling with Sonlight, the curriculum we use as well. 

Benny is in Pre-school. Arielle is using an eclectic approach with many hands on projects. 

All the kids are thriving. How humbling it is to see a new generation begin homeschooling. 


 The girls got hair cuts in July. You can see in recent photos it's TIME to get more cuts....but the gal they liked quit and we've been looking for a new place. We received a couple of recommendations to a local salon. It's above our favorite coffee shop. 


We saw Courtney. Neither girl is thrilled with their haircut, but I watched, and she did just what they asked for. Next time we'll be armed with pictures, specific instructions etc.  I think both girls look good. 

Stacia absolutely hates getting her hair done because it means she has to talk to a stranger. She would rather go to the dentist. I think the coffee kind of off set the terribleness of having to be social.  ::shaking my head::

#EveryBitCounts September

 I am making it a goal to put a little bit "away" every day....#everybitcounts. I may can, dry or freeze. I am starting to really want a freeze dryer.

4 qts of corn from co-op 

A favorite snack - a start 

A load of tomatoes - great for soups

Nolan has a co-worker who dropped by with 2 Gallon bags of raspberries. I didn't have time to process right then so they are in the freezer. I think I'll do vinegar or syrup with them. 
2 gallons of raspberries 

Bread and Butter pickles

This is a start of preserving for 2021. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Uneasy Truce

 There are times in the day when Millie goes crazy. She runs from one end of the house to other and back. She barks, jumps, growls.....and when she runs to the window while carrying on...

We know to grab the camera and join her at the window! 

Millie and the moose have an uneasy truce. They glare at each other from their respective side of the window. We have made sure they don't come any closer. 

Monday, September 27, 2021

It's Just a Flesh Wound


Starting with this photo so FB will grab it 
for a preview rather than the wound. 

Michael was over at KC's cutting trees today when I got a call from him. 

"I need you to bring a compress and get over here now." 


"Get over here now. Bring a compress."

Allie and I ran over. Michael had "tagged" himself with the chainsaw. 

This is the day I discovered one can go 90mph on local highways and "no passing" is just a suggestion. I mentioned to Michael I was going to get a ticket and he said, "Good. They'll give you an escort." 

We headed to the ER for stitches. They thought he may need surgery, but a CAT scan revealed his knee cap had stopped the blade and protected his ligaments and tendons from damage. 

Yes, he has chaps. Now he wears them. 

Frosty Morning with Millie

 Millie is a year old. She LOVES chasing her ball in the yard. 

We are trying to get as many play times in as possible this fall - the winter months can be long. 

WELL....I'd say this is about as late as I can wait to harvest beets. The books say to wait until through some frost. 

Kale Pretty with frost

Do it again, do it again, Mom!

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Finally, Fall Festival

We headed out for Pyrah's festival again - THIS TIME WITH PRE-PURCHASED TICKETS! In thinking over the difference in last years' experience and this, we realized we had gone on the day for families with special needs members. We were guests of Krista through the school. Now we KNOW it's not always a relaxing stroll through the farm. LOL  

Michael stayed home to work on "the wood and trees at KC's."  Nolan and Alex are at work. Grandpa didn't want to come - sadly, this is happening more often. The girls and I met up with CyRi at Pyrah's. This turned out best anyway as Carrie was able to join us this week. LOL 

That snow is coming down the mountain 

I don't remember who won! 

These four enjoyed a "game" of volleyball

Livie, Allie, Stacia, Cy
The air was crisp as we sauntered around the apple cider, caramel corn, plywood mazes, hay rides, mini car races, carnival games, cake in a was a great day at the festival. 

We had plans for CoRielle to stop by this afternoon. Remember, they'd done the festival last week.  BreZaak stopped by to drop something off with Michael. We'd not seen them in a long time. I invited them to stay and have spaghetti with us. 
Liv, Allie, Gideon, Danny, Arielle, Bre, Jojo
G Dog and Bella 

Of COURSE dinner means a campfire and s'mores in the fall. We were happy BreZaak stopped by. It was a good chance to catch up with everyone. 
G Dog, Carrie, Cy, Izaak, Michael, Jojo and Bre

Allie and Stacia with Bella and Annie

I love this picture. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Fall Mornings

Nature has added a bit of white to our fall colors. We wake up to a dusting of snow most mornings. By afternoon it has melted. Fall is full of fun, anticipation and work in Alaska. Will we be ready for winter this year? 

I have always loved fall. I found myself dreading fall the last two years as it meant a LONG WINTER was on it's way. I am making a conscious choice to embrace each season this year, much as I embraced every assignment location during our military ministry.  I determined NOT to be the spouse that incessantly compares her bad current location to the glories of past locations. In the same way...I have chosen to embrace each season this year....and that has freed me to find the joy in fall again...rather than dreading the long winter nights. 

We are learning to prioritize what needs to be done as we will probably not get everything done before winter arrives to stay.  This year we WILL have yard furniture put away. 

This is a great phase of fall. We sense the anticipation of winter's approach but are enjoying fall walks and cool evenings around the campfire. The best of both worlds.