Saturday, March 25, 2023

A Saturday

I met with my table group today - a group of 6 ladies which meet once a month around various tables with the goal of cutting through small talk and developing authentic relationships. This is our 4th month and it's GOOD...just good! It's good to validate the value of relationships. 

I came home to find Michael, Stacia and Allie in our room. It seems Allie needs to know how to tie a tie. Fun memories were made. 

Allie went to get dressed for work after this tie-tying lesson.  She discovered her uniform tie is a velcro neck sash thingy rather than the standard tie. 

Stacia spent 20 minutes driving her stick shift up and down our driveway, starting on hills etc....then Michael and she went out driving. Soon, she will have mastered the stick and will have her own car to drive around. 

GG went to be rather early and Michael and I had a quiet night at home.