Saturday, January 12, 2019

2019 Gift Exchange

Life seems to have settled down enough that we thought this afternoon would be the perfect time for our "family of 5" gift exchange. Alex and Michael had men's breakfast. Nolan was working until 2.  Stacia and I planned to go shopping, but in the end, we didn't have a vehicle. 

Not to worry - I am trying to get three blankets done for the kids... It seemed like the perfect time to get them done. They are like the double-sided flannel baby blankets we love - but I made these big-kid size.

Things were going well until this happened......ugh. Michael got it working when he got home, and I finished this one. I still need to make Nolan's.  It was CHANGING stitches on us....and then the bobbin plate popped out and it jammed tight. 

Ah, well...semper gumby! I have come to like our tree. It's not real, but a real one wouldn't look this nice, this late. We noted all the presents are wrapped in BLUE.

Alex loves computer and video games
ANOTHER expansion pack! 
Nolan likes board games 
The baby of our family continues to be the most expressive gift receiver....
100 one yard wonders....

Home Sewing Projects
Stacia and a neighbor friend in Japan used to spend hours making perfume from dandelions. I couldn't resist when I saw this kit to make roll on perfume.....

That face....priceless

A local thrift store went out of business in the spring. I purchased a couple of "grandma dolls." You know - the kind grandmas splurge for for their girls' collection. Stacia is happy. 

My "Baby's" blankets....Nolan can choose his size. Stacia wanted the narrower size. 
Food theme...cupcakes for Stacia and Japanese food for the boys

Another doll. She's a bride doll; we decided she must be bridezilla. 

Look at the pout! 

Michael got an ice-fishing pole...

And lots of Lowes cards....

HE PUT THIS IN HIS WISH LIST. I bought it. Some are shocked. 

THIS will dry food much quicker than the little one Mom G gave me... and I can buy more trays for it. It also has a temp control.

We ended the night reading and playing snow board kids....