Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Building a House

The kids are in the process of building model houses. 

Note the lights installed and working

In this activity they learned how structural components fit together to form a strong building. Previously, they built lights.  In this lesson they are at the starting point of installing wiring into a house. They installed LED lights and insured they were working.

The assignments build on each other so I'm wondering what else thy may be doing over time with this house. Stacia envisions walls, curtains and furniture. LOL

We love our science this year - Advanced Physical Science from Exploration Education.

Benny & His "Toys"

One fun aspect of watching Benny for CoRielle is getting to interact with his new passions. He is 16 months old now and it's fascinating to watch his thought processes.

We are all familiar with Christmas morning when a child is happier to play with the box and wrapping than the gift! It has been fun to watch how CoRielle encourage Benny's imagination. One is likely to find all sorts of odd and interesting real life objects in Benny's possession.

Lately - it's been HIS POTATO! Yes, that little red potato...

I've heard Arielle talking with him about. I've discovered it in the dryer. It's been in the tub, his shirt....and today....I discovered it in his toy box. The little potato has become an official toy.

Note - the potato eventually HAD to disappear (they DO rot you know) and Benny has moved on to other fascinating toys.