Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Girls Week Out....

The guys continued working on the chicken fortress, in between doctor's appointments. Stacia and I packed and such.
Nolan with the miter saw - making nest boxes
One last look at the chicks....

and we left our door at 7 p.m. We stopped for dinner and then were on to the airport. It was still light out as Stacia and I boarded our plane at 1040 p.m. Monday.  Stacia was hilarious as she kept falling asleep on the shoulders of the man next to us. ::snort:: She was mortified when I clued her in - AFTER we were on our next flight. 

At 3:00 pm Tuesday we touched down at RDU.  Krista and Maria picked us up and we made the beautiful drive to Lynchburg. 

Krista and Maria share a lovely apartment. They made a yummy, totally plant based, meal of cauliflower nuggets, green beans, guacamole and spaghetti squash "tater" tots. 

Some may be wondering who is who....Krista is our 2nd daughter. She has just finished 75% of her mDiv degree. She may be further than that. She has 21 credits to finish up next year.  

Maria, some may remember visited us in Alaska and helped unpack. She's a "daughter of the heart." Maria was active duty at our last assignment - one of "my girls."  As only God can he orchestrated bringing Maria to VA to the same chaplaincy program as Krista. Krista was already out of our home before we went to Beale AFB. They crossed paths when Krista would visit us at Beale. They met and  had a real talk when Maria visited Arielle in Eugene, checking out the UofO. They became Facebook friends. Maria visited Krista last fall when she drove out to see the Museum of the Bible. She decided to come back and attend Liberty. They are now room mates and I love how God answered our prayers for Krista to make friends of the heart in VA, and for Maria to KNOW the next step in her future by putting them both together. 

We're off to explore today....I'll try to "keep up" but may get behind. We have a "wall of activity" planned. Stacia and I are adding states to our "been there" list. LOL 

PS - don't feel too bad for the boys. They have their 2nd annual Epic Alaskan Hike at the end of this week.