Sunday, March 06, 2011

Starting An Incident

Yep, my carrots nearly started an incident at Dulles airport and they certainly slowed me down. I had to get triple checked through customs. I tried to tell them we could throw my baggie of carrots away...but they said now that I'd brought them into America from Japan, they would have to be burned and I had to go through the quarantine. Waited and waited and when I finally saw the dreaded agent...she said, "Wait....did you buy these in the COMMISSARY in Japan?"  "Yes, Maam. I tried to tell all those other folks that."

She handed my veggies back and let me enter America. LOL

Did you realize I was gone? It was a QUICK trip. I flew to Washington DC on Thursday.  Friday and Saturday was Vision Summit and a PWOCI International Joint Board meeting.  It was a great time for us to meet the new International Board, to pray, fellowship and refine focus and vision for the upcoming year of ministry. I love serving with these ladies.  Being part of PWOC is one thing I will really miss when we leave the military.

We went to the Airlie Conference Center. Wow - this place is nice. Wooded land in VA, lakes, geese, squirrels, spring flowers, old buildings.....and AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL healthy food. It was AWESOME...if I knew what I'd eaten I'd try to find recipes.  Here are a few photos.

 Sunday a.m. I began the 27 hour trip home....arriving at midnight on Monday night due to the date line. It is a 14  hour plane trip from Dulles to Tokyo. There was a bit of weather in Tokyo and so we circled 4x before we could see to land. Pretty funny to watch the flight pattern on the map. We usually go straight in but this time it showed 4 circles around Tokyo. LOL  That took an extra 40 min in the air and meant I missed the last train to Misawa and the early train to Hachinohe. I was THRILLED to make the very last train out of Tokyo to Hachinhohe last night and made it home at midnight! 

Mike and the kids had a busy weekend too. Jared had the aforementioned soccer weekend. Michael took the younger ones to Sand Dollar beach, where they found THOUSANDS of sand dollars....and I guess no glass floats as no one mentioned THAT.  Sunday is always full. 

Choosing Joy!
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