Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Catching Up

I spent all of Monday working on my "The List." Michael and I collaborated on the list Sunday night. We've gotten behind.  It's a long list. I entered our receipts into the expense tracker, started going through the checking account, paid some bills, filled out medical paperwork, and called the girls' therapist office to figure out WHY we are being charged such different rates.  We also worked on catching up laundry.

In the afternoon I raced to pick up Stacia and take her to Physical Therapy. I have great hope this will be the answer she needs for TMJ...though they say stress is a main factor and many in college have TMJ...adding our recent life and I can see why she'd have trouble. In any event, it feels good to be working towards a good spot for her. She began with the pain over a year ago and they suggested having her wisdom teeth out. She did. It still hurts.  

I picked up dad's meds and a few groceries Michael had texted to say we needed and headed home. Michael and I enjoyed a "quiet" evening at home with GG while the girls went to college. 

Today, I continued to work on "The List." I filled out ministerial credential renewals, applied for AK PFDs, called the state to deal with a clerical error they made, finished our bills, worked on balancing the checking account, began Dad's bills, called to schedule a makeup pedicure and ended up going in IMMEDIATELY. 

Allie had an evening class. Stacia came home from college and Nolan arrived about the same time. They stayed and had dinner with GG then watched a movie while Michael and I went out to eat dinner with this young man...and his parents! 

"Hello, Oliver!"

We love any time we get with Ethan and Stacy. I can count on one hand the amount of invites we've had to eat in people's homes since leaving the military. We treasure the invites.   We enjoyed Ethan's stories; the food was great - all in all it was a nice break for Michael and me. 

We arrived home at the very minute GG had declared it was bedtime. Michael handles the bedtime routine. We settled down to visit and were still there an hour later when Allie got home from class. We continued to talk until around midnight when Nolan decided he needed to go home. LOL 

Tomorrow, I will attempt to make normal looking loaf of bread - today's over-proofed and deflated and I will continue to play catch up...so if I don't blog...you can imagine. I hope to complete "The List" by Friday. LOL