Saturday, July 29, 2017

Glimpses of Saturday

In Alaska, Nolan and I had a slight laundry emergency. I put the soap in. I have no idea how we got so much. When it got worse than this we HAD to interrupt the machine's program. We scooped out soap and water. Michael removed Yuuki's blanket and rinsed it wrung it out. What a mess. 

Cory and Michael continue to bond in a manly way! 

Meanwhile, back in Oregon....the family has a few days left before hitting the road to Alaska. 
Gideon - my man
Gideon and Baby S meet up 
 Bella is such a good big sister.  

Aunt Krista meets Gideon - so glad she and the girls overlapped a few days. 

Jamin receives a pair of marine boots to break in before OCS. 

These have potential for the game/entertainment room 

WHAT? Butter cream frosting by the gallon! 

We did not receive the appraisal before the weekend. We hope to receive it Monday and be able to close next Friday.....