Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday and Saturday

Produce Co-op

Jamin got his driver's permit....We're still amazed at how complicated that is down here. It involved finding a notary public, filling out 4 forms, and even in our small town HOURS of waiting. LOL

PWOC Crop for me - work for the older two - Jared watched the younger ones and they watched two netflix movies: The Young Black Stallion and The Ugly Daschound.

The Younger Ones are playing hospital these days This photo is to allow me to comment on two things: we went and picked Michael up this morning and he really wasn't IN the woods - woods are scarce around here ::snort:: The Moving Wall is in our town. This is a replica of the Vietnam Memorial. We went to see it this afternoon. We had studied this time period last year and so the kids were aware of what it stood for and had seen photos of the memorial in DC. We even have a square for it on our history quilt. I wasn't prepared for how moving this was; I cried. It's simple and yet all those names make a stunning visual impact. Most the photos didn't turn out well because of the bright sun, but here are a couple.... Zander was interested in all the letters, cards, flowers, and pictures that folks had left - very poignant for me. For some reason it was very important to him that he know the the name of the first man killed and the last man killed....I walked him through and found the names for him.

Our family outings are certainly getting smallerBack at home Stacia tries out yet another toilet....Various ziggurats (sp)Stacia is now fascinated with THIS door and hangars since her Thursday night rescue.