Wednesday, February 28, 2007


 *I* did couch school with the little ones today.....Jared and Arielle did a great job, but I pulled it together today.....

Tomorrow should be a bit saner...Friday insane...Sat. Mild insanity and then SUNDAY.....


Up at 5:30 to make a produce call - but Rick wasn't in. Called back every time they said to - a total of 5 more times and reached him at 7:30 p.m.

Curves (see below).

Birthday party for the younger ones - good chance for me to visit with mommies.

Pulled some of Jamin's frozen pizza's out for dinner as part was 5 - 6:30 or so....

Getting young ones settled, starting roasts for BBQ roast sandwiches tomorrow.....that's it folks....too tired to say much more....

Shoot - Zander is spraying the house with Odoban....MUST run. WHERE did he find THAT?????

Wonderful Wednesday Weigh In/Curves

Today was weigh in....and I lost 2 lbs. BETTER Curves they did all the measurements. I have now progressed from "overweight" to the top of the "normal range". All say if I hold the course I'll continue to move more to the mid range of normal.

BUT as of today I no longer have greater risk for any disease (heart, diabetes, blood pressure) due to my waist size, fat percentage or BMI. That is HUGE to me and more important than numbers on a scale.

I may as well put my Curves thoughts here. I did my first work out today. I think I'm going to enjoy this. I'm right with Becky about the stress rolling off.

I'm not sure that 3 times a week will equal to the cardio I've BEEN doing....but it is certainly more strength/resistance than I've been doing. I LOVE that the machines adjust as you get stronger. The trainer this a.m. suggested I only do Curves 3x a week and then do my 45 min step workout on the other 2 or 3 days of the week. They also think that I can put the 8 minutes in the Morning aside. Does that sound right? I'm torn. I WANT a t-shirt...but I don't want to drastically cut the calories I burn through exercise. ::snort:: Maybe I should make my own t-shirt. LOL

The ladies were incredibly friendly and supportive...both the trainer and the other Curves members. I went alone...but I found that I was NOT intimidated at all. I met a lady there who is here on a mission with her church to the students on base...she knew Mike. Another lady's dh is getting ready to deploy - good to offer encouragement. This is the first time I've ever worked out at a female gym - and I liked it. I've been looking for some positive local support in the lifestyle changes I've made, and I believe I've found it. I've never had folks visit with me as I worked out at the gym...but it was fun....and the talking keeps me from overdoing the workout. I had worried that I wouldn't be able to move the machines fast enough to get my heart rate up (they are heavy) but I had my heart rate at 80% on all checks. No joint pain at all.

I didn't realize it, but at this center, when you join you can also attend the 6 week weight loss component for free ($99 value). I've been reading the book - which I need to review - and what they recommend for the calorie sensitive plan is what Debbie and Gary have shared in classes. I won't attend now...but continue the "conversation", I may. The plan is ALL about increasing metabolism - which is exactly what this hypothyroid patient needs. LOL I like that their goal is to increase your metabolism with exercise while you lose, so that you end up with a healthier metabolism and able to eat normally...instead of being stuck on low calories forever.

I told them what I was doing.....they had some suggestions...all good and sane. I peppered her with questions and she had the right answers for each one. LOL I even asked what they do with pregnant women because I've never gotten over being kicked out of a weight loss program when I became pregnant 19 years ago. ::snort:: I figure if something IS healthy - it should be healthy when you're pregnant too. LOL

All in all a very pleasant experience. I left the home this a.m. at 6:50 and was home by 7:40. I'm going to TRY to go earlier tomorrow and see if I can be home before the children wake up....but we'll see if Stacia lets me sleep.

If any of you are considering this the deal right now is great. You bring in a bag of cans (ours is for meals on wheels) and they waive the enrollment fee of $149. The special runs until 10 Mar.

Oh yes...and financially? It's costing me $6 - 9 MORE to pay Curves and gas than it would to pay gas to go the base's free gym....and it's closer!

Darshia - that fat reader thing was cool! I like gadgets quite a bit. ::snort:: Of COURSE I had to have her explain to me how it worked....she said it computed the amount of time it took to find anything solid in your body to bounce off of...and I told her to relax we had a bit of a wait ahead of us. LOL

Oh - goals - I like that they focus on sizes, fat percentages and not so much on the scale. We set my size cracked me up to see that parts of me are size 8, size 10 and size 11.....I told her I believed it! LOL I'm not sure HOW she figured it but she said that she thought that when I got the fat precentage to where it is supposed to be (it's 32% now) I'd have lost another 15 lbs. So on the whole they were on track with my goals.....just a bit lighter than I was aiming for...

Hobbies and Prayer


Yippee!! I received "The Ministry of Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson and "Playdate with Death" (a new mystery series recommended on SHS by I think Luanne but my memory is sliding with lack of sleep) in the mail.....Now to find time to READ. LOL

Quick Prayer Request

Friday Stacia was congested. I kept her inside Saturday because it was VERY windy. She seemed fine and we went out Sunday. I was up all night with her (gorgeous day - no wind - 77*). She is coughing and her eye oozes off and on....NOT pulling on ears or running a fever....but she's been up most the nights since Sunday because she coughs if she lies down. Please pray she kicks this quickly.

Tuesday Recap

The day happened. I survived. The children survived. I'm still cursing 4th weeks of the month! ::snort::

Jared read couch school to Arielle and Nolan today. Everyone did their independent work. Hmmm....guess I'm getting a bit of spring break - but I'd rather be at the park than these meetings. LOL

Curves - went well, I'll report after my first 45 minutes. ::yawn::

My friend Lisa (moderator on SHS) had her baby Monday night! Yippee!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday on Tuesday

Why does EVERY group I belong to plan things for the 4th week of the month????? One of those questions that make you go "hmmm..." and better yet...having experienced this phenomenon for years, WHY do I continue to schedule added things during the 4th week???

Monday - Cy was off, got called in for a manager's meeting, studied at the library.....

SAGE - Shop Natural co-op, Mom's Night Out (which I had to miss)

School - Arielle sat down with Nolan and read all the couch school to him - WOW!

Me - copied brochures, paid bills, did co-op paperwork and more things but I can't remember what....

Tuesday - Today I have a Parish Advisory Counsel meeting at 11:30, Curves at 2:00, Bible Study at 6:30.

Really, I think I will begin skipping life during the 4th week of the month - it's crazy. AND if I'm ever in charge of planning a monthly event I will REMEMBER not to chose the 4th week of the month as that is certainly a popular week. LOL

Monday, February 26, 2007


They've begun the special a few days early! No enrollment fee ($149).

I'm going in tomorrow at 2:00 to hear the spiel, check out the machines and possibly sign up. I have a free one week coupon but she said it's one offer or another...and the enrollment fee is worth more by far than one week of free trial. ::snort::

I am excited at the idea of some variety in my life...currently I do a 45 minute step board workout 5 days a week.....the idea of having something that will burn nearly as many calories is hopeful!

"Working out is always more fun with a friend" - so if any of your local friends want to come in with me - they welcome could hear the spiel and decide. I have no idea how high pressure they may be - but I'm not high pressure. LOL

Like Mother/Like Daughter....

Arielle was chopping a peanut butter ball to put in her shake and got her finger yesterday goes down as a "near perfect day" rather than a "perfect day".

Sunday, February 25, 2007


After the Stock Show, we went Geo-caching.....
Let's see....we seem to have trespassed on PRIVATE PROPERTY...though there were NO signs....the lady stayed on her driveway, rather agitated, until we drove off. We didn't laugh until we got away from her driveway.

I retrieved the cache!! This photo can serve as a current photo of me, that's the new style....flipped up on the bottom but really all I note is that with all the layers it has more volume and doesn't hang in my face as much! LOL

We eventually did find 3 caches. We're pretty sure another one has been stolen as we've searched for it twice and it simply isn't there. It's supposed to be in this park, so we stopped and played. Wouldn't it be nice to have BIG brothers to watch out for you?

Most parks don't have teeter-totters anymore - at least the ones we find. The littles had a great time on these...and then the older ones joined in and showed them all sorts of new fun things to do on the teeter totters. A personal highlight of the day for me happened on the teeter totter. The children wanted to balance....Josiah was on one side and no one could balance with him. OK - to realize why this is HAPPY and not depressing you need to remember that always in the past I am able to sink to the bottom and keep Cy in the air. Today, I had Stacia with me and when I scooted back we almost balanced. He is now 23 lbs heavier than I. Of course he's a foot taller...but still I didn't sink....::snort::

Not only do you sometimes see irate neighbors, intersing wildlife and the like...but look what else we discovered on our hunt....


Bumper cars are always fun - two to a car....
Ferris Wheel - Mike, evidence that I'm doing my best to fill your shoes..that's my head in the middle across from Cy....

It Looked So Easy

The man made this look so easy....but we knew there had to be a catch. Cy attempted to win a big animal for Stacia.... The man had pity on him and gave him a rose to give Stacia.

The Fun House

I kept Stacia outside while the others ran through the fun house. It began with this mirrored maze...hard to get photos but here are a couple...if you look close you can see the children.

Something symbolic about this photo appeals to me....look close (lower left) and you'll see ME reflected in MY CHILDREN....I pray daily that God is reflected in my life and then in their life....

To exit the Fun House you slid down this slide.

Zander's Day at the Stock Show

They seem to have reached an understanding of some sort....

We had one ticket left and we opted to let Zander ride the train. All rides were $1 this afternoon. We bought 20 rides. Zander plopped down, leaned back, and stretched his arms out along the back of the seat. Josiah commented, "Look at HIM. All that's missing is the girls!" And before the words were out of his mouth.....I snapped this photo. It was hilarious.

What Caused Such Big Smiles?????

They were teasing me about the pork....

I replied that I had better take a photo as this was the closest they'd be getting to ham for a long time....

Kid's Kingdom

This great park is situated right along the river. There are all sorts of things along our riverwalk. The park has a little kids area and a bigger kids area....all sorts of play structures. Here's a couple of pictures that I snapped.

Sunday Summary!

~We were turned back at the gate. ::snort:: We were selected for a "random inspection" this a.m. on our way to Sunday School/Chapel. I didn't think it would be a problem, but I could see their uneasy glances. I remembered that my license was expired BUT I had an extension. I showed it to them. I didn't get a tag for my's a print out....they were relieved. Then they pointed out my inspection tag was expired.....BUT the active duty man said it was FINE since the vehicle is licensed in AK.....then they noted I didn't have current proof of insurance. Oops. It expired this week. I HAVE PAID IT but the little card hasn't arrived. They told me they knew I was on my way to chapel, but they weren't allowed to let me through. I went to the visitor's center to call USAA so they could fax the proof....their SYSTEM WAS DOWN! They couldn't even look up the account to verbally tell the guards I'd paid.... So....Josiah walked in to the chapel to let everyone know we weren't showing up at Sunday School. Debbie brought him back out and took Josiah, Jamin and Jared in. The littles and I went to Kid's Kingdom (photos to follow) for an hour.

~Steve, Debbie, their boys, and our boys met us at Kid's Kingdom and we sent out for lunch.

~After parting, we went to the Stock Show and Carnival. (Photos to follow).

~We then went to find a few geo-caches.

~I went shopping for this week's meat.

~We're now watching "Flushed Away" and then will have shakes...then bed...and I'll try to load photos.

BUSY DAY! It was not what was planned, but it was the day we NEEDED. A day to play, have fun and be TOGETHER as family. God knew. We're much more relaxed and revived than we would have been if our original plan had worked....we needed to play together at the park and such...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Late Saturday

I'm very tired. Tomorrow is an early day...but Josiah won't be home for a while. He's closing tonight and this is their last night of the Redneck Convention.

I got 3 hours of sleep last night because Stacia was restless....and so was Zander. I still haven't found chewable melatonin for that boy. I should look; that would probably be the first step. ::snort::

I got the rough drafts of two brochures done this evening. One for SAGE (Shop Natural co-op) and one for Veggies Sales (produce co-op). NOW if I could get them to print back to back - so they READ RIGHT.....I'd be set. I sure miss the printer that would PRINT double-sided and didn't require me to do mental gymnastics!

Yikes- it's catching!

 Check out the way Zander did his hair today.
Yeah, I'm not sure what's up with the snake, and there are simply so many battles to fight with and for Zander that I don't make him wear his clothes inside out unless we are leaving home or having friends in. LOL


Josiah and I got the printer working!!! Yes, yes, YES! We still only have one computer but at least it can PRINT!

Darshia, I printed out what I think is the form we need to register the RV....I'll get that all in the mail Monday or Tuesday.

25 Feb - 3 Mar Menu's

Monday - Slow Cooker Roast/Veggies, salad, fruit

Tuesday - Bible Study YOYO (You're On Your Own)

Wednesday - BBQ Beef on a Bun, salad, fruit

Thursday - Chicken Pot Pie, salad, fruit

Friday - Pizza (cheese, BBQ veggies, "Hawaiin"), salad, fruit tray

Saturday - Encore Presentation

Sunday - Dine Out

*No, I've not gotten lazy. We find with Josiah working, Mike deployed and the girls living in WA - we need TWO left over nights....we never get to all the meals we plan because we're swimming in'm going to plan for it this week and we should then eat them all and not have any. ::snort::

Honey Mustard Dressing

1 C Vegenaise (or mayo)
1/2 C Honey
1/2 C Dijon Style mustard (I used Westbrae)

Mix it up. YUM! The girls and I LOVE honey mustard dressing and I've not found a recipe that we liked as well as the store bought...until this. I suspect the flavor will depend on your choice of mayo/mustard....but if you like the may0/mustard you use....I'd think you'd like the dressing they make. LOL I kept seeing this one and skipping it for recipes with more ingredients but this is my favorite so far...thus it needs to be here so I don't LOSE it!

*Made with the Vegenaise and the Westbrae mustard, this has 0 Cholesterol and is 37 calories a Tablespoon (which is what I use on my 2 C salads).

The Calorie Experiment....

It's been six weeks since I agreed to UP my calorie intake to 1200. (That so that none of you think I'm trying to restrict my calories - I'm not - though I realize for many to eat 1200 calories WOULD be restricting).

Yesterday, I WAS HUNGRY! This is a first. I mean my stomach even growled a few times when I'd forgotten to have a mini-meal in 3 hours. I'm thinking this signifies that my body is starting to wake up again. We'll see.

I've lost 13 or 14 pounds in the 6 weeks. I think I'm a believer...though I'm just as nervous now about upping calorie intake again. LOL

I'm still doing the aerobic step board video 5 times a week. I added the 8 Minutes in the Morning back in and I'm also doing ab work daily....but really the only major change I made was eating 1200 calories even when I don't feel like it. I'd done the others faithfully for months.

Last week, I was discouraged to only lose one pound...because I would have loved to make goal before Mike comes home. THEN I measured and I lost 4 1/2 inches in ONE things are working.

I'm currently reading "Curves" by the founder of the Curves Fitness Centers and what he recommends is what the dietitian and Exercise trainer have said. The only difference being that he would have had me at 1200 for 2 week and then up the calories. I'm going to talk to Debbie about this. I don't feel a NEED to up calories but I DO want to keep building my metabolism. Eating and weights seem to be the way to do that for the over 40 bunch - anyway. LOL I had NO CLUE that curves had a weight loss portion you can participate in, in addition to their circuit training. It appears to me that the weight loss portion is EDUCATION....same things I've been learning. LOL

Friday, February 23, 2007

Thoughts of the Day

Speech went well. Produce c0-op went well. I didn't make it to my class on base...but that's o.k. They were going to go to the commissary and talk about shopping, labels etc.

I got my hair done today. I'm letting it grow out....but she put layers in and flipped some up and some under....I'm pretty sure I won't ever get it to look like Heather did.

Nolan and Arielle began a drama class today at Camp Broadway Kids. They went home with Deja's family after co-op. Nolan hasn't stopped talking. They had a good time.

Nolan, Zander, Stacia and I went for a long walk. We met up with Jamin. We stopped and played at a local school's playground on our way home. Stacia loves the high slides. One is twisty, and she nearly got more than she bargained for. Jamin and I laughed at the look of terror that quickly switched to exhileration on her face.

Pizza tonight. Ruckus. Movie. Josiah's working until at least 11:30 tonight.


Nolan weighing mushrooms...

Zander decided to provide some music.....

Note the thermometer in Stacia's mouth...I didn't even notice until Adrienne pointed it out!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is It Friday Yet????

I got a big laugh out of a comment by Jared tonight. "All week, I've been getting up, eating breakfast, doing school, working out, and going to bed. It's been all work this week."

My reply? "Welcome to my world for the past 6 months." ::snort::

I really stand amazed at all we accomplish because our days are full of interruptions and unplanned (at least to US) events. We DID get school done. We did go shopping, cashed co-op checks, got gas, helped a sweet elderly lady load groceries into her car, drove the boys to their ministry site, picked the boys up, made dinner, set up tables and baskets for tomorrow and well....we did things. LOL
The day began with three phone calls in the middle of my work out. Would you believe that the ONLY person I complained to or let on to was my HUSBAND???? Thousands and thousands of miles away and he's STILL the one I take for granted. Good grief.
I AM sponging off of friends thanks to the advice of so many of my readers. ::snort:: Deja is not only taking Arielle and Nolan to drama class tomorrow but she is BRINGING them home. They are very excited and a tad bit nervous. Tricia printed off a spread sheet for me (6 pages) and PROOFED the co-op newsletter and printed one for me (my printer is still not working). It's a good thing she proofed it as I had a glaring type-o....something about "wee" instead of "week". ::snort:: Shanna is coming to help sort produce tomorrow (which is also good as I ordered mushrooms, green beans, and spinach - all of which have to be weighed!).
A couple of pictures:
His Sisters and I have told him he's a natural for spikes for years...his hair GROWS this goop at all! I really tried to convince him to go for a Mohawk but he wasn't buying it! ::snort::

I asked "someone" to watch her while I got Chicken Divan in the oven. She was clothed, clean and happy. She came in covered in MUD....had been eating the dog's food and playing in the mud....I'm still waiting to find something she won't try to eat. She LOVES to walk around with the pineapple skin....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whatever Day this May BE - TODAY!

The day began at 5:30 a.m. with a phone call to Rick about produce.

Then breakfast (eggs, biscuits and fruit). Oh - funny there - I didn't have buttermilk so had some milk in a cup with vinegar in it....Stacia will eat ANYTHING and took a big swig. I think this is the one of the first times I've seen her make a big deal about something she ate. ::snort::

School - we're moving into China. Jared is ahead of us now and studying the Civil Rights Movement.

It was simply TOO BEAUTIFUL to stay home today...and we DID learn at that seminar on Monday that if you spend 10 minutes a day outside you cut your chances of catching the flu by purely for health reasons....I called Tricia and we headed for the lake. What a gorgeous day - did I say that already? ::snort:: After the past month of cold and snow this is a true blessing. Jared came and sat and worked on school. The younger ones played and I "discreetly" followed with camera. ::snort:: I'll post some photos below of our kids at the lake....being very careful that none of Trica's are included.

Home to make dinner and field a few phone calls.

Mom and Dad called. Dad has contracted an infection and will NOT be able to have surgery tomorrow. He'll have to finish his course of meds, so at least another 10 day wait. Do continue to pray for him whilst he waits. Being inactive is very hard...being in severe pain while inactive is even tougher. Thanks ya'll.

Mike called.

Children are in bed and I've not worked out today . I'll go do at least 30 minutes of the step workout as soon as I post this. I did do the 8 minutes in the morning...oh yeah...and I've begun doing reverse crunches and such each a.m. I was able to do 10 crunches the other a.m. LOL I'll get steps are still steps in the right direction. Today was weigh in. Another pound. I'd hoped for two - but hey - let's not get greedy.
Raised in the eye of the camera - he paused and posed for me without prompting....

On the Swinging Bridge...a bit unsure...check out the tongue! Note she reached for Arielle immediately!

Hanging Around


Peek-a - Boo


I didn't even know they made such things. Josiah came home from work with this last night. Mandy had dropped by Chick Fil A and asked him to bring this to his Mom. Thanks, Mandy, again!

Wow! You type in an item - chocolate chip cookie - for instance and up pops the fat, carbs, protein and calories! This should make it easier for me to have a realistic view of what I'm eating. I thought a cookie was 250 calories or so....but it's only 45 - 60....and I make mine small AND I use all organic, fresh ground flour etc....they must be GOOD for me. ::snort::

I HAD begun to wonder if there were programs to do such a thing for a PDA - but those of you who know my PDA saga know that I have a love/hate relationship with it. I can have a pure love relationship with this little gizmo. ::snort::

What Have I Been Up To?

 Or Why Didn't I Post Yesterday?


Hair cut for Nolan and birthday for Jamin.

Cooking - why does this always need REPEATED when I've just done it hours before????

Library - had to go to the central library for some books for Jared. He's charging ahead at a rapid pace which means he's ready for books I've not checked out or ordered yet.

Produce - I'm now ordering for our produce co-op and am looking for ways to streamline the whole operation so that it takes the same amount of time that it has been taking me...or less. LOL I think I'm wrapping my mind around it - but that took some thinking time...which mean less blogging time. ::snort:: If I start enforcing the "cash in advance" policy it will save a trip to the bank. I got up at 5:30 this a.m. to call Rick (produce manager) to put in our order, and it only took 20 minutes. A trip to the bank easily takes that much time. Also, I know that several would take boxes to the recycling center if I ASK - and so I will remember to ask. That will save time.

I made up some spreadsheets (can't remember how to do formulas so they are of limited use BUT all the info is in one spot) to survey members on items and frequency....and then made a spread sheet with the prices from HEB and the going prices around town so I can get a feel for what's a good deal. EVERYTHING seems like a GREAT deal to me having moved from AK. I've been spoiled by first Heather and then Adrienne making my produce choices. I simply gave them money and knew they'd each picked out the best deals. LOL We've had 5 new members join this we continue to steadily build our numbers...which will mean we're able to buy more items in a size that is manageable....

That's life to this date....Please pray for Dad - his surgery is tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Do

The Skater look is gone.....and spikes are in?

Sixteen Years Old

It's hard to be intimidating with a pig on your head ::snort::

Camera: This is what the manual has to say about my blinking F - though I think Flashing F has a better sound to it.... Any camera pros out there care to take a stab at this? Jen, Mike, Dave/Heather????

"Non-CPU lenses can only be used in mode M, when aperture can be adjusted manually using the lens aperture ring. In other modes, the shutter release will be disabled, and a blinking F-- will appear in the control panel and view-finder aperture displays".

OK - I've not changed the best of my knowledge I've NOT purchased a new lens.... This seems to be an intermittent problem. This a.m. I got it to work by switching it to M, taking a couple of photos and switching it back to worked today...didn't work on Saturday????? Can you think of anything else I should try? Kodak point and click? Bury the Nikon? ::snort::


The camera is doing the flashing F thing again...this is going to drive me batty. I'm about to go buy a point and click digital!!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007


A few weeks back, or maybe it was months back, I mentioned reading a book by Dr. Don Colbert. I asked if anyone had read his book "The Seven Pillars of Health". Today, my friend Tricia and I attended a seminar on this very book. He was in town at a they invited church leaders to hear Don - but Don had to go back to his practice - so we heard his wife Mary. I was very impressed at what we heard. This book is written to be a 7 week small group type church thing....anyway....interesting statistics, free lunch and a free BOOK. Yep - they gave us all an advance copy of Seven Pillars. I'd love to share more but frankly I'm too tired to put a sentence together - correctly - tonight. I came home thinking I'd best try to log lunch and realized that all but the chicken were "free points"...which must have been the point of the healthy lunch. I did think dry bread was taking things a bit far....but at least it kept me from eating it! ::snort::

Did some more looking at Ruth chapter 1.

I found out that I'll be handling the ordering side of our produce co-op for a few months or so...or whatever...This threw a curve ball my way as I called various members to ask for input. Thanks all.

USAA called. I have NO IDEA WHY! They called to tell me that they don't need a special power of attny because it will only work for Mike's pay and I asked what they DID need and they didn't need anything. Does this sound like a strange call to YOU? I asked, "Well, if you don't need a power of attny - why are you calling me?" No real answer...then she wanted to know if I'd like to have my insurance checked to be sure it was good and cheap or something......10 minutes.....after telling he auto insurance lady repeatedly "No, I don't want to change coverage" and "Yes, I'll keep that amount of deductible" she said to me "What CAN I do for you today"? ::snort:: GOOD question. I told her that I couldn't think of a thing I needed her to do for me...and she asked WHY I CALLED HER??????? THEN she said, "Would you like to go over your life insurance"....NO - I HAVE NO CLUE WHY I'M HAVING THIS CONVERSATION!!!

No couch school done today. I must fine time for bills, phone calls, more couch school and such tomorrow...really I will find the time...I think I'll turn the phone off.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

This Week's Menu

Monday - Shepherd's Pie

Tuesday - YOYO (shamelessly stolen from Kristine - the boys said it fits us better than Encore presentation ::snort::)

Wednesday - Beef Stew with dumplings

Thursday - Chicken Divan

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Oven Fried Chicken


Chapel - It is sooo past time for Zander to be sitting in the service...but I know that he won't respond well if left alone with the boys....but soon Mike will be home. LOL I'm just not supermom and can't handle both he and Stacia at the same time. It's always Stacia that causes us to have to leave. Today, I thought we were going to do o.k. and then she looked back and saw Josiah as an usher...and commenced to summons him...but he wasn't coming....well....I hustled her and Zander out. She loved all the attention dressed in her red Valentines dress. LOL

We rushed out of chapel to get lunch and make it to a graduation meeting. Yep - graduation is 3 months away. I think this is going to be a great group to graduate with...there didn't seem to be the uptight parents and students that we dealt with in our previous support group. Josiah and I were relieved. I'm anxious thinking of all I have to get done...much of it before Mike arrives home to help. I thought a "power point" was a simple slide show to music...but it seems that these guys do voice overs and such....or something. I really wish I could locate a sample of this to watch before I attempt to make one. I'll have to look into that. Heather and her husband did volunteer to help if I get know I'm just tired of feeling like a drain on my friends.

After the meeting Josiah wanted to take me to Coldstone. I didn't KNOW that Coldstone was open. Wow - that's good stuff. They have some sugar free and low fat stuff....but I went for a like it - white chocolate with peanut butter stuff.....but I asked for the smallest they had and was shocked at what I got. I'd been looking at the KID'S waffle bowls evidently. I didn't even eat 1/2 of it - but the little ones at home enjoyed finishing it. I had a nice time out with Josiah.

I realized that my "paper brain" was exploding. I took a chunk out of it and made a second notebook - this one is my "health" notebook and has sections for food log, nutrition, exercise, general info and something else....anyway - I'm getting so much info from the web research on various things and at the class on Fridays that it needed it's own notebook.

Jamin made about 12 pizzas and froze them. YUM.

I called Don about my new leaping screen problem. It only happens when I'm on the internet...he had me remove my cute cursors and a few other things....then we checked and discovered this computer is 248 mb....and just sitting...nothing the was using 262 mb...time for more memory. I guess we know now why it runs so slow. The strange thing is that we bought it the same time we bought the 2nd crashed computer and THAT one didn't run slow. I don't understand computers.

I went out to dinner with Mandy. Her husband got home last night from a 6 week trip and told her it was her turn. She checked into a nice hotel and has the evening and tomorrow to recharge. I was honored that she wanted to go out with me. We went to Red Lobsters and played with play dough - that was fun.... I love the Aztec chicken there and have 1/2 of it safely tucked away for another meal. LOL It was nice to sit and visit with Mandy - I look forward to more times like this in the future.....maybe bubbles next time, Mandy?

It was a full day - and I'm sure beyond a doubt that I got over 1200 calories in today! ::snort::

The boys created a monster by introducing this girl to the trampoline. No, she wasn't jumping...she was walking on it...and rolling around on it....


Bre(21) wore this dress when she was little. Of course, she was 4 when it fit her...but we couldn't find Krista's old dress...which would have been a 2T. even in little girls' clothes have changed...this was NOT a fancy dress back then...just a go to church dress.... Stacia even let me put a clip in her hair...though she isn't to sure about the lace...and keeps tugging at it. You gotta love the combat stance.

Where's the Hot Pockets....

One of my sons greeted me this a.m. with that very question! LOL I guess they'll be gone soon. LOL I suppose we all need a treat once in a while to stay on the wagon.

Summary of the exercise calorie part of class - for Kelly.

~If you weigh more than 150 strive to lose 1 - 2 lbs a week. If you weigh under 150 strive to lose .5 - 1 lb a week.

~Goal is to expend 300 - 500 calories a day in exercise. You want to accumulate a 1800-2400 cal deficit per week due to exercise.

~Be more concerned with fat loss rather than weight loss.

~Concentrate enerrgy towards aerobic/endurance workouts. If resistance training is done, then do circuit resistance training. Stay away from lifting "heavy weights" during the accelerated fat loss phase (heavy weights will stimulate increased appetite - which I need but one thing at a time LOL).

~Keep a log/journal of exercise, measurements and he said to weigh daily (very different than my previous programs and I'm not sure I will) because that will help you see how your body reacts to various foods/activities. That DOES make sense...for instance if you gain 3 lbs every time you eat pizza or lasagna - that would be an indicator not to eat those things often. LOL

~Make exercise fun!

~A deficit of 3500 calories (through nutrition and exercise) in a week will result in a lb lost. So for instance I "should" be eating 2100 to maintain my current weight.....eating 1200-1400 would give me a deficit of at least 4900 calories, add work out sessions to that (I burn approx 400 cal a session) and I have a deficit of lots.....but for ME I will not lose 3 - 5 lbs on this because of my thyroid - I do lose 1 - 2 lbs. LOL And when I ate below 1200 calories a day I only lost 1 lb a month. LOL

Energy (Caloric) Expenditure of Exercise:

Here's the formula - determine the metabolic equivalent intensity (here you need the MET list he handed out - if you want to give me an activity I'll look up the number for you).

Take the METS - subtract 1 (what you need to LIVE) x 3.5 (oxygen) x weight in kilograms* divide by 200 =calories purned per minute x by minutes trained....

So - my 45 min step (6 inch)
8.5 - 1 (7.5) x 3.5 x67 / 200 x 45 = 395.7 per session - the calories change with time and my weight.....

This formula allows me know not what the "average" person burns at the "average" intenisty but what I burn at my weight and intensity and if I do 30 minute or 42 minutes - I can still figure it out.

Jamin and Jared are enjoying this. LOL

*determine your weight in kilograms by taking your weight in lbs and divide by 2.2

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Drama at the Back Door

Jared watch Stacia while Jamin made dinner, and I worked on the group co-op order. He realized she can open the back door and so he moved the child proof knob from the pantry (where I was attempting to keep Zander out of the pantry, but it hasn't worked for months now that I think of it) to the back door. Oy Vey! A tantrum royale...without the results she had planned on. We have been shocked and awed by the tantrums this week....but as of yet they don't last long and aren't happening frequently....because she seems to be bright enough to realize they aren't working. ::snort:
Realizing that Jared was laughing and not opening the door, she moved on to me as I worked on the order...this didn't work either...and she quit.


 Only 5 or 6 more until my man is home!

I got the Shop Natural order to send. The lady I was waiting on called right as I was clicking the button. I was able to add her order manually and then send it all on. Shew.

We had a lazy morning. Well.....all but Cy who has to work mega hours this week and next due to the um....well....shoot....I'll be nice and not share our family name for this season of life in our small West TX town....but this is the Stock Show and RODEO season. This translates to lots and lots of extra people (and animals) in town and lots of extra business for Chick Fil A (both at the mall and at the Stock Show where they have a trailer). THE REST of us...had a lazy morning.

I did an extra workout. Jamin and Jared both went running and I was able to calculate the exact amount of calories they burned for them based on their activity level and weight etc. They were suitably impressed.

This afternoon we went geocahcing. We've had a string of bad luck but we found one! It was at a gorgeous pond in the middle of a residential area....I had no clue it was there. There were lots of ducks, seagulls and grackles....pretty cool. They kept swarming and flying overhead. Unfortunately, I pushed some button on the unit and neither Jamin nor I could figure out how to get back to the screen to load coordinates for the NEXT cache! ::snort:: Thus, our day of caching ended.

It really was for the best as we got home at dusk. Jamin volunteered to make the stroganoff tonight, freeing me to wrestle with the possessed computer in the hopes of getting the Shop Natural order finished before it crashes or does whatever it is going to do.

Baths and such and the day is ending.

Our First Cache - we couldn't' find it....very frustrating as we KNOW it's supposed to be right here....but it's not.

We found the cache here and had a great time tossing rocks, relaxing, watching wildlife...until Zander needed a toilet...then we couldn't load new coordinates! ::snort::