Friday, February 03, 2023

Better Late Than Never

 My birthday this year spread over weeks.

Annie and I celebrated together at our monthly family celebration.

I was very busy on the actual day this year. I spent the morning with the CoRielle's boys and I spent the afternoon at food co-op. 

 Finally, we found a moment for those who live in the house to celebrate. We went out to noisy goose, one of my favorite restaurants and had ice cream and gifts.

I was showered with gift cards, certificate for a pedicure, lovely tea pot necklace, coffee card, Michael's gift card and more. It was worth the wait. 

*All photos by Allie. 

Making Memories with Aunty Coco

 While we were sitting on Waikiki beach, the girls sent these photos to us. WHAT? LOL  ICE FISHING with toddlers is quite an under-taking.  Looking closely, I noted Aunty Co-co in the back!!!

Arielle, Benny, Danny, Aunty Co-co, Cory 

Krista's job just now involves lots of time away from home and Alaska. She routinely flies to Hawaii, Guam and I've even heard tales of a trip to Japan in the works....and she has a unit she is responsible for in Australia as well.  I've watched her very intentionally investing in family relationships and friendships whenever possible. 

She borrowed Josiah's ice-fishing gear and invited CoRielle to join her to make some family memories with Aunty. What a great idea! 

Honestly, as Arielle said, " fishing with two toddlers isn't for the faint of heart." BUT they made it work and had a grand adventure.  And in the end THIS face says it all! 

Cars and trucks on the ICE...a tent on the ICE...drilling a hole in the ICE... Danny was not sure at all about this idea. This boy is going to LOVE the warm days in Hawaii that I see in his future. 

Such a good daddy! What a blessing he is. 

In the end, even Danny was happy for the adventure! Way to go guys! 

*All photos from Krista and Arielle