Monday, July 28, 2008

COUNTDOWN....9 days until we're all together!!!!

I KNOW how you all love the countdowns to when I get to see my really do. ::snort:: This time I'm going to maintain some sense of dignity and I'll not count down hour by hour.....(Who can ever forget that wait for the Red Cross to find them while Mike was deployed? ::snort::)

I've decided to post one photo a day until THE DAY arrives.....

Is this how EVERYONE dresses in WA??? ::snort:: Palm Sunday at church.

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Highlights of Today

By far THIS:
Jared registered and paid the deposit for World View. I've not heard much of a group going this year from here...but he's going. He's still trying desperately to earn money. He's been removing cactus, mowing lawns, washing windows, trimming trees...and bemoaning the fact that "age discrimination" won't let him get a REAL job until he is 16...but will allow him to sweat in 100* heat for $2 an hour. ::snort::

I had a nice visit with Martha, a friend who had surgery last Wednesday.
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New Hairstyle

I mentioned the photos from Leadership Weekend convinced me to get a haircut and keep trying to lose weight.

I didn't want to post photos of the haircut until Mike got home (but he hasn't noticed). ::snort::

I wanted shorter and sportier - spiky maybe....but Heather the hairdresser said chic was what I needed? LOL

I think this would be a great photo for the PWOC Regional Board Photo - don't you? ::snort::

I don't know how Emily gets natural looking self-portraits - mine were distorted.
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Moms of Many Exercise Challenge Weekly Fitness Goals (click button for more info)

Exercise - I made it to the gym 5 days this week. I'm focusing on burning as many calories as possible during that 60 minutes. Two weeks ago I burned 475 in 60 minutes. Saturday I burned 585 in those 60 minutes. My goal had been 500 cal a day. Now I'm aiming for 600 cal a day. Why? Because I began this new point thing. I can SEE that it's "worth more" to burn more during those 60 minutes.

Nutrition - I continue to track what I eat with the spreadsheet/point system that Diane emailed me. I find that I don't NEED any of the bonus points or the exercise points - but it's nice to have them. Tracking points is very similar to tracking calories. I noted that the longer you do something the more "second nature" it becomes. This is good, but in this arena it can result in laxness. Switching up how I food journal has forced me to be "engaged" again. I am still mindful of my produce intake, fiber intake, cholesterol intake.....but I'm staying at or below 23 daily points....though I get extra points for exercise. Read carefully, I have only used those points ONCE but it's nice to know they are there. AND they aren't a straight exchange or there would be no benefit to exercise. For every 100 cal burned, I'm allowed approximately 50 more cal a day to eat. As I said - I don't use them....but knowing that 28 points ARE there seems easier to me than 23 points. ::snort:: (Thanks to Lis and Lisa H for their help with spreadsheets this week).

Weight Loss: - I lost another pound this week. Yesterday, when I talked to Heather, I told her I was unsure if I'd lost anything for the week. Friday night and Saturday I enjoyed much more bread (Chick Fil A Chicken Sandwhich tray) than I normally eat and had gained lbs......but after a day of eating produce and complex carbs.....I was back to where I was Friday a.m. - down a lb. That makes 3 lbs lost in 2 weeks of counting points...only 26 - 30 to go! ::snort::

Excel update: I use an excel on google for our United order. Heather has to be me IT support. Currently, I'm working with a spreadsheet with my TOG books listed in it AND the points sheet. I figure if I use the thing daily, I will learn how to make it work. I'm learning - but I have to call folks regularly for HELP - another goal of mine that has little to do with healthy living is getting comfortable with Excel. This points thing is helping me with there another goal in progress. ::snort::

On with a new week. To hear from more participants go here.

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