Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Put Em to Work

I fell down on my blogging duties and did NOT take photos of Stacia at the dentist or of her blood splattered face. Yep, she survived her first tooth extraction. I suspect we're headed for another one in a few months. Listening to her tell the story is quite amusing...saws, drills... ::snort::

We also spent quite a bit of the day helping to move things from Valley Chapel to Far West Campus.
Yep - visit us and we put you to work. LOL
I nearly ended up  having to pull this trailer and I was not looking forward to learning this trick. In the end our hitch didn't match the trailers and they got a truck from vehicles.

Arielle and Cynthia began this job. Josiah finished it....and I'm excited to see it. It gives me hope that we may get the rest of the facility ready for Sunday services. LOL 

I put a turkey in the slow cooker before we headed out today so we had a turkey dinner waiting when we got home from our day of work. Well - Stacia had popsicles.

We enjoyed talking and games...and Arielle  felt the day had been quite long enough.

Choosing Joy!
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