Sunday, January 03, 2010

Blundering Adventures in Japan

I have created a notebook of places we'd like to see in Japan. It contains driving directions from various spots. We looked through the notebook and decided we'd like to see "Nejyo Castle" in Hachinohe. The directions looked doable. I googled and found a phone number. They were open. I also discovered that it is called Nejo Castle or Nejo Historical Park. Mike went to work. The kids and I headed out.

The directions would be good IF you knew the area already. BUT I'd never taken the toll road to Hach and when it said, "Turn right onto Route 45"....I took that literally. I did not take "exit 7, and turn right at the end of the exit on to Route 45". I determined to stay the course on the toll road until I could find a spot to turn right onto Route 45.We drove a LONG way up the toll road before we could turn around. Past Nambu, to Nango (sp?)....I ended up taking 2 1/2 hours and around $16.50 in tolls to drive 10 miles from our home. ::snort::

I realized I was very low on diesel. We had our first gasoline station adventure. I did it on my own....fairly easy....I was impressed that they washed my windows etc.

The directions got worse.....we were supposed to run right into the fish market, and then we would know we were close. Following the directions, we never found the fish market. We finally found Route 19 and I headed only took 20 min to get home. Maybe next time we try this we'll get a google map and go up Route 19 instead of the toll road.

As I pointed out "my Onsen" to the boys....I hit the curb. Curbs here are not like in the U.S. They aren't gradually slanted and you don't simply drive over them. They are concrete blocks...barriers....and so I got home to find a split tire.

Poor Mike had to come home and get Jared for his dental appointment.....and we'll have to replace the brand new snow tire! I offered that the tire could be my birthday present. ::snort::

I've been back online finding directions to the Fish Market so that I can find Nejo Castle Ruins...and we'll try again on another day. I did find this at the Misawa Airport site:

"Nejo Castle was built by Moroyuki Nanbu in 1334 and was home to the ruling
Nanbu Clan for nearly 300 years. The whole outline of the castle was restored,
the first such attempt in japan. It is now a park where visitors can learn about
Japan's Middle Ages. "

Doesn't this sound intriguing? I'm trying to find someone locally whose been there. LOL I've also found that there is a town up here that claims to have "Christ's Grave" in it....hmmm...

Stay tuned...we'd really like to see some castle ruins before the boys leave. We discovered we have some in Hachinohe and in Aomori.

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