Sunday, May 11, 2008

Photobucket A Tribute to Pastor's Wives on Mother's Day

Yes, I showed this to Mike first. We laughed. Mike tries to be good about this. Today, in the first service he started to say something and stopped himself and said, "De'Etta has this little clip about pastor's wives so I want to be sure all know that this is NOT De'Ettas list" and then he shared that funny list about things you learn from children. It was hilarious. When someone commented that they bet things are fun at our house and that they loved the list, I KNEW I had to post this clip today. ::snort::

Thanks, Trish, for sending it to me originally. Now - off to the last service of the day. With a big smile on my face.

Mom, YOU can come stay until July AND bring your dogs. ::snort::