Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Grand Day

My day began by playing with Benny. While everyone else worked. 
Very cool light. 
I am ending the day by playing with Bella and Gideon. 
Gideon combs and styles my hair 

Bella was not to be left out 

BreZaak are at a big launch party for True North Recovery Inc and Alive Alaska. Izaak and Bre are planting Alive Alaska Recovery Church. A Christ-cenetered, recovery focused church. They have a heart to walk the recovery journey with those coming out of various addictions. 

Between the grand bookends of the day I did some laundry, visited with Dad, helped Stacia launch an internet presence for Happy Hats (her micro-business), and picked up pizza to bring to BreZaak's.
I'll post a link when the Etsy and Paypal store is up. 
Why did I bring pizza to BreZaak's? Because Michael, Nolan and Alex are next door working at CoRielle's. Youth group is tonight. It's the only way we could make all the parts of the schedule work the available vehicles. LOL

Michael enjoyed a dinner break with the grands.
Papa and Bubbie!

Bella wants to play too. 

Bella and Papa. 

BreZaak and Annie got home at 9:30 or so....a successful community party. Friday night is the soft launch for the church.

*The pitsy selfies are because I dropped my new phone on the asphalt before the case arrived and cracked the screen. 

Benny the Contractor

Benny has watched so many contractors  he KNOWS the routine. He wandered around the house saying, "2....2....2....yeah, yeah window."
Photo by Arielle
Cory painted  ceilings, ordered cupboards and counters, and patched walls.

Arielle continued washing walls and started painting.

Nolan patched walls and helped paint.

Michael and Alex put in light fixtures and finished the power outlets. They are nearly done with the light switches. This involved a trip or two to the attic.

I watched Benny -  until I watched BreZaak's children.