Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thursday Tidbits

The plants seem to grow INCHES every day....Cory suggested much more watering and they are loving the water, warm weather, and sunlight. 

I thought it about time to take down the Easter flags. 😏 

It is proving DIFFICULT to get any strawberries around here...the moose, Lucille the free range hen, Blondie the free range bunny, and some rodent all like the strawberries. BUT I got a handful this evening. 

CoRielle will be moving within a couple of months. It's been a blast to have them nearby to catch moments like this.....

And this - Benny practices to run marathons with Uncle Jamin

Krista has journeyed from Florida to Colorado and met up with Michael.  We miss these two. 

I think that ties up all the loose ends of the day. It's been a full day.

Park Day with Bre & Kiddos

We don't get to see these dolls nearly as often as we did when they lived here at Wibbly Wobbly Acres.πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ I miss them AND their Mama and Daddy. We SEE them on Sunday and at family dinners - but it has been a while since we saw JUST THEM. I called Bre and asked if they could come play.

Everything worked out for us to meet at a local school to play.  
Isn't this an endearing smile? Gideon at 2. 
 Gideon LOVES to climb. Today he climbed to his heart's content. 

This is a wonderful play structure! What child wouldn't create hours of fun on a fire truck? 

A word about Bella....she has been in a "don't take my picture" phase. That's o.k. I've learned, having parented nine children, most phases can be waited out. 😍 She USED to say "No, Bubbie. NO Pictures!" when I tried to take photos of Gideon. She is now happy to have me take Annie and Gideon's photos. She doesn't even mind when I take her photos - but I have to be quick, she has far too much to do to site and pose for Grandma. 

Three years old - it hardly seems possible.

I wasn't quite quick enough for the photo I imagined - but I love her smile and the action in this shot. 

Today was hot! It got up to 84*. I KNOW that is not CA hot, or TX hot, or Philippines or Liberia hot - but it IS Alaska hot. 🌞πŸ”₯🌞 I am loving it.  That is - until today on the playground with no shade. I envied Annie in the stroller with shade. LOL
Annie - 5 months

Sweet moment - Bella is telling me to come sit with her. I took the photo and then joined them. We live at the foot of the mountains, below the white clouds on the right.
I LIKE this design better than the old jaw-rattling kind we had when I was kid.

GG on the Buddy Bench - Is a buddy bench a time out bench? So if you break a rule you get a buddy? Or is it a place to go when you need a buddy to come sit with you a spell? I like that idea....maybe I'll put a buddy bench out here. 

"Gemma! It's REAL gold. It's a treasure." She gave it to me. I saved it. It IS a treasure. I'm not sure it's REAL gold. πŸ˜‰

These big xylophones are FANTASTIC. I want one in my yard....they have a great sound too. I see no way to make my own (or have Michael make one), but I saved the company's name.
Beautiful music
 Mommy made the best music. 

Thank you, Bre for coming out to play with us. I know it's hard to get 3 little ones ready and out the door. We treasure the time we spend with you and your family.

Chicken Shaming

Mom gives me kale to eat....but I discovered a whole garden of kale and lettuce instead. *

We raise a racket just to watch Mom run out at 10:30 p.m. to check on us. **

*Lucille is the one the others attack each time she goes into the yard/coop. She free ranges.

**10:30 PM is my favorite time of day. The light and shadows on the mountains and trees are beautiful...but it's not my favorite time to check on chickens.  It DOES seem to be a favorite time for moose to visit the back yard.