Sunday, November 25, 2007

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Zander has his first root canal Monday at 10:30 our time (CST).
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Sunday dawned – COLD. It never did really SNOW (at least to accumulate) but 37* feels mighty cold when it was 88* on Wednesday. Our big dilemma now is “to buy or not to buy” – winter coats. We’re a bit chilled just now; but really it will only last a week or so and then we should be back in the high 60’s or 70’s.

We went to two services today. The younger four really enjoy the gospel service. I can even make it through a service in there. They are wonderful folks who not only SAY that children are welcome in church, but they also say “children should do what children do!” Today, I did Stacia and Zander out when Stacia began to talk back to the Pastors (Dad and Rev. C). ::snort:: Now that I think about it talking back in THAT service would have been just fine. Every time Rev. C would crack a joke, folks would laugh, and Stacia would chime in with “NOT PUNNY! You NOT punny!” I took her out. Zander had begun crawling under pews, so he had to go out too. It reminded me of the Mississippi Squirrel Revival.

Mike installed a new printer – yippee! We put boxes back in the attic (all but the boxes of outside décor). BreAnne called. Krista emailed.

Arielle did the “4 fast miles” of Walk Slim with me this afternoon. I’ve now worked out 45 minutes 8 days straight. I’m hoping to get back into the habit.

That really is ALL the excitement we had today.
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