Monday, November 22, 2010

Will We Fly?

The Patriot Express is a plane that flies directly from HERE to Seattle. No buses or trains in Tokyo....right from here. Unless you are on orders or have a Red Cross fly space A. We are assigned categories. Spouses flying are usually Cat 4. If you fly with an active duty member ON LEAVE, you are Cat 2. We will be trying to make it on today to fly home - as Cat 2. They load the folks on orders first. Then they let Cat 2 on....starting with those who have been on the list the longest. To fly Cat 2 you can't go on the list until you are ON LEAVE. Then they begin to fill Cat 3 and Cat 4.  We were told we are number 31 - 38 and that there should be enough seats. It appears Osan is not using over 60 of their seats and that will add to the number left when the plane arrives here in Misawa.  We will put however many can get on to the plane on the plane this a.m. I (as Mike is the active duty member and for any of us to fly Cat 2, he must be present) will take any who can't make it and try to book commercial tickets....and do the train, bus, two plane thing. LOL  We'll let you know what happens. 
This is my fact finding trip. I plan to try to fly Cat 4 to my PWOC installations in Korea sometime this winter/spring. 

The girls are getting our van out of storage and plan to meet us in SEATTLE Tuesday your excited....even with Jet Lag. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
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