Monday, February 19, 2007


A few weeks back, or maybe it was months back, I mentioned reading a book by Dr. Don Colbert. I asked if anyone had read his book "The Seven Pillars of Health". Today, my friend Tricia and I attended a seminar on this very book. He was in town at a they invited church leaders to hear Don - but Don had to go back to his practice - so we heard his wife Mary. I was very impressed at what we heard. This book is written to be a 7 week small group type church thing....anyway....interesting statistics, free lunch and a free BOOK. Yep - they gave us all an advance copy of Seven Pillars. I'd love to share more but frankly I'm too tired to put a sentence together - correctly - tonight. I came home thinking I'd best try to log lunch and realized that all but the chicken were "free points"...which must have been the point of the healthy lunch. I did think dry bread was taking things a bit far....but at least it kept me from eating it! ::snort::

Did some more looking at Ruth chapter 1.

I found out that I'll be handling the ordering side of our produce co-op for a few months or so...or whatever...This threw a curve ball my way as I called various members to ask for input. Thanks all.

USAA called. I have NO IDEA WHY! They called to tell me that they don't need a special power of attny because it will only work for Mike's pay and I asked what they DID need and they didn't need anything. Does this sound like a strange call to YOU? I asked, "Well, if you don't need a power of attny - why are you calling me?" No real answer...then she wanted to know if I'd like to have my insurance checked to be sure it was good and cheap or something......10 minutes.....after telling he auto insurance lady repeatedly "No, I don't want to change coverage" and "Yes, I'll keep that amount of deductible" she said to me "What CAN I do for you today"? ::snort:: GOOD question. I told her that I couldn't think of a thing I needed her to do for me...and she asked WHY I CALLED HER??????? THEN she said, "Would you like to go over your life insurance"....NO - I HAVE NO CLUE WHY I'M HAVING THIS CONVERSATION!!!

No couch school done today. I must fine time for bills, phone calls, more couch school and such tomorrow...really I will find the time...I think I'll turn the phone off.