Tuesday, February 05, 2013


The day began early with a conference call....then the attempt to get back to sleep.  Not a big deal we had a full day planned today anyway. 

Nolan and Zander both have birthdays on this vacation. Zander wanted to go to Disney. Nolan wanted to ride roller coasters. I researched. We were prepared.  HOWEVER, when we arrived we discovered that most of the roller coasters are CLOSED.   We set out this morning to go find a roller coaster! 

I LOVE the subways in Tokyo. If I lived here I seriously doubt I would drive. I love the fast paced walk to the station, the hustle and bustle, the leisurely ride to a destination....and people watching all along the way. 

Finally got the kids  "sort of trained" to stay to the side on the escalators so others can run past. 

The light is coming....

We went to  Disney. They had two coasters open: Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain. Michael, the boys, and Stacia went to wait the prescribed 70 min wait for their 2 min rides. Arielle and I rode way more rides...Arielle had never been on most of them so it was fun for both of us. 

My pirates


CUTE vending machine - there is even steam coming out the spout

Arielle and I had a good time on the Ma -ku Too-wain

When we met up Stacia reminded us we all needed to go to the Princess Castle. I thought it was a ride...it was more like an art museum.

Does it fit?

She was surprised when they all jumped in the photo! She said she loves having guards. LOL 

Everyone talked Arielle into trying the Toontown Coaster.....

The crowds and waits are much less in February than August...but it did get a bit cold at times. 

C'mon people! Some things are just far too outlandish to wear in public - even at Disney. 

Disney is sparse eating for a plant based eater. I was glad for the orange in my backpack and the POPCORN everywhere.  I've never been so happy to see a salad bar as I was tonight at dinner...that bowl of fruit from morning was long walked off. ::grin::  Four days into the trip and I'm starting to crave something besides salads...like maybe a lentil loaf or some beans and rice or roasted veggies in a wrap.... ::snort:: I know selections will be even more of a challenge when we leave the New Sanno - it's all good. 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...