Sunday, February 12, 2023

Our First Week Home

We survived our first week home in Alaska. It was a busy week filled with appointments, BIRTHDAYS, lunches, school, starting a new study online, in church and with the girls, life group, egg-selling and caregiving. 

Did I mention birthdays? Nolan turned 24 on Tuesday, Josiah turned 34 on Wednesday (if my math is right), Livie turned 10 on Thursday and Alex turned 21 on Friday.  We have a couple of celebrations in this upcoming week and then Jamin has a birthday on the 20th. 

Jared and Larissa invited everyone to their home to watch the Super Bowl today. It's been years since we've watched the Super Bowl. It would seem no one REALLY liked either team and we simply enjoyed a good game while we wait for the Cowboys or Broncos to make it to the Super Bowl again. LOL  The main attraction for THIS Bachan was cuddling with Noah.  GG didn't want to come, Alex stayed home with him. Nolan was working. BreZaak and CoRielle couldn't make it, but the girls, Michael and I joined everyone else at JaRissa's. 

📷by Larissa 

📷by Larissa 

Papa and Noah

"Turn off the flash, Bachan!"

Previously, Cory, Alex, Krista and Aaron had done the one chip challenge. Larissa had ordered a bottle of the Bomb hotsauce. Yep, this happened. Three brave (or mildly crazy) souls gave it a try. 

This time they prepared by having water, bread, milk and ice cream at hand. 

It was a great afternoon. Enjoying afternoons like this one is certainly one of our favorite things Alaska offers. LOL  

We had a snowy drive back to the Valley and ended the night watching the final episode of season 3 of The Chosen. Now, we wait for Season 4.