Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Fun with Chapel Families

Base Exercises  make for long, chaotic, off-kilter, mixed-up weeks. All are working 12 - 15 hours a day. Some are working day shifts - Michael always pulls the night shifts. 
At home this means we try to be "very, very quiet" and you know how well THAT goes. The kids cooperated  well - the neighborhood dogs not so much.
 Exercise ended Wednesday  night....Michael got home at 0300 on Thursday.....Thursday afternoon found the chapel staff at Bishop's Farm enjoying a bit of Fall together.

Part of the staff family. Missing are Holly and Eliza, Phil, Brenner, Stephanie and kids, Scotty, Val and kids and a couple of support flight

Ky imediately headed for the zipline - several Gherkins followed
After several Zanderesque comments they were off....It was about this point that Stacia asked, "Mom, would you get a wedgie doing this?" I found it an odd sort of questions but responded honestly. She decided she wasn't doing the zip line. This surprised Michael and I until the ride home when she explained her reasoning...she WAS wearing a skirt afterall and had forgotten to put shorts on underneath....she suspected a wedgie wouldn't be fully modest. Good call, Stacia.

Next up were Nolan and Arielle

Um - such abuse of the loving photographer

Pumpkin Wars - quite sure this isn't the plan for these pumpkins - no pumpkins were harmed
Myself and two great friends - Stephanie and Cynthia
Gherkin Fall Pumpkin Patch Portrait 2014
This will so preach....daughter totally abandoned to the moment, not realizing Father is protecting her
There's our gal!
THIS free corner of Bishops is their favorite - well the zipline may be close

Cynthia, Megan and Landon

Our final stop with the corn maze - I find the map no help at all
Daniel - far left joined us when he got out of school - and that boy can RACE through a maze...without a map - he's THAT good.

We were zipping through the maze, around the corners so fast that Arielle, Cynthia and I all got "motion sick." Who knew?
We finished our day with a family trip to Roberto's. It was fun to run into a friend, Jeannie, and her children there. A good chance to meet her Dad who is here to help with this deployment.

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...