Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Highlights of Wednesday

Quote of the Day: "Is the skuhpeddi ready yet?"

What we did today besides playing.....

Jamin was asked by his writing mentor, T. Suzanne Eller, to answer a few questions for an article she is writing on Roe vs. Wade. Her article will be in Focus on the Family. She was wanting perspective from "teens" (YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN) and will use their name and age in the article if she uses their answers. She specifically wanted to know how Roe vs. Wade has impacted their generation. She said she chose a few students who were "articulate and intelligent". Whooooo.....what a boost of confidence for Jamin.

Curves. I finally went back at my normal time (earlier). One sweet lady talked to me privately and said she was happy to see me back and looking energetic. She said she'd been very concerned about me the last time she saw me (before the wait to miscarry) and had been praying for me. This was quite a surprise blessing. What a joy to know that you never really know WHO God is asking to pray for you as you go through trials.

I tried to figure out what I need for TOG. So many new things to think about. I'll have to keep thinking.

Is anyone familiar with a course on making movies????? I had been thinking of Movies as Literature and was surprised when Jamin asked about a class on MAKING movies. I told him about the Movies as Lit and he thinks that sounds good, or something similar, but would still like to find one on making movies, the business, etc.

Our NARHS teacher called. This is the lady who noted that our paperwork is usually very organized and wondered what was going on in my life since I'd not gotten portfolios in yet. Let me tell you....ANYWAY, she has Josiah's diploma from THEM (he got the one from US in May) and his transcripts in the mail. She told me that I have until December to get Jamin's work in. I told her my goal is the end of August. LOL Her closing comment made my day, "Keep up the good work with TOG. That is an amazing curriculum. Your sons' work is always so excellent." Whew. Wow. Two years ago when I told her I was using TOG, I had to explain what it was and how it worked. We've not used the evaluation tools for our grades and now I'm wondering if I want to use those or keep doing what we are doing. LOL

I was feeling like a big failure earlier in the week because it appeared I'd missed an important deadline for college. LOL We talked to the college and they understood that those of us who have not been born and bred in TX, and who do not have a school guidance counselor, may not know of the TX tests required on TOP of the ACT/SAT. They scheduled Cy to take it. They said that he really doesn't need to.....but I told them he'd go ahead and take it anyway. LOL

Josiah and Jamin shampooed the carpet. This was needed as Stacia dumped a LOT of "Tapestry Wine" (RED) acrylic paint on the library carpet. I need to move the craft paint to the school closet now that we can tell where things are on the shelves. ::snort::

One of the boys appears to have literally climbed the walls in his sleep last night....he wouldn't believe it except for the testimony of his two brothers and the footprints above the light switch. Just for the record: I sometimes FEEL like climbing the walls, but I've never really done it. ::snort::
Summer Play Challenge Continues

The Summer Play Challenge continued today. We headed for China Beach pool today. This one is on the base. I took some wonderful pictures, unfortunately there was no memory card in the camera. When it's so bright outside you can't see the screen anyway so I didn't notice the "no memory card" notice....when I did I came up with a wonderful conspiracy theory. ::snort:: I KNOW - Mom and Mike will laugh because I'm known for spinning stories....but I was sure the card was in the camera. I had placed it in the case on the poolside table. I was sure some member of our Air Force family had taken the camera, took the card, put the camera back into the case and then left. It saddened me greatly that they'd be so strapped for $ that they'd steal a $20 memory card. I got home and found the memory card in the computer.

China Beach is GREAT for little kids. Jared came with us AGAIN today - we are getting spoiled. This pool is 4 feet deep at it's DEEPEST. It's bigger than the kiddy pool at the lake. It has two big play shaped like a mushroom that continuously sprays water and then a tower with buckets that fill and dump on you. I'm tellin ya the photos were awesome, y'all.

We were sad that the friends we planned on playing with couldn't make it. BUT we were blessed that Mary and Deja and their children were at the pool. Everyone had someone to play with. The only drawback is that there is no shade over this pool. After two days in the sun, we're all a bit crispy. We'll have to think of something else to do tomorrow.
Summer Reading Challenge GIVEAWAY

Speaking of personalities (post below), Jen had really COOL numbers when HER son drew their winner for comments. I was thrilled just to have a few of you entering.

This week's Giveaway winners are ::::drumroll:::

For *Midwives* ("but Mom, there's only one paper!" "Just draw it out and make it look good, will ya???)ThoughtfulMom wins Midwives. Renee in Germany wins *The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency*.

Ladies, please send me your addresses and I'll get these books mailed out by the end of the week.

Check back Saturday for this week's giveaway.

Nicholas' Comment:

OK - for those who are new to the blog, Nicholas is courting our daughter Krista. Put all minds at ease, I will NOT be sharing their personal business with all y'all....but Nicholas left this comment the other day and it's too good to be buried down the line where no one will ever see it. Is that fair enough? I told Krista when we read this we laughed, snorted, and cried. I continue to smile every time I think about it.

Nicholas is currently looking for a job and will be starting Bible College in the fall. For those who are prayer warriors on behalf of our family - please add him to your list.

So what makes me snort and smile? What made Mike laugh so hard his eyes watered?

The Comment:
"So for all you who are praying thank you very much. That is a blessing and encouragement.

Also, no, there wasn't anyone there to take a picture of me. Thank the Lord for that cuz I was scared out of my mind. (OK here it comes). The funny thing is he (Mike) had a check list and I typed up two pages of questions with answers! (::snort::) Us melancholy people we just like to be prepared."

What a hoot! Krista tells me that Mike didn't ask ONE of Nicholas' questions. Save them Nicholas, it would be fun to read your list someday and someday you can use your list to grill YOUR daughters callers. Maybe this will only be funny to those of you who are married to those with melancholic temperaments. I found it hilarious. I'm the type that would pick up the phone, chat about whatever popped into my head, and then make the list as I went. ::snort::