Wednesday, February 07, 2007


School. Park - 81*. Dinner with ladies from chapel. Laughing and visiting with friends. Dentist. New procedure I'd never experienced before - some high pressure numbing procedure...but tooth is fixed. Began searching for a new grain mill. We'll see. Lots of co-op calls and such today...

Sisters or Partners in Crime?

Stacia is crying "hup, hup" {translated help, help}, and Arielle was saying, "Mom, come look!" ::snort:: Arielle says Stacia brought the blades to her and she thought "Ok".


We pulled this out of the "box". Arielle and I love and think Stacia looks darling in it. SHE however, isn't thrilled with the flower stuff and is trying to pick it off....
I did snap one of the boys told her she was cute and THIS was her response...from fussing to preening in 3 seconds flat.
Hands behind the back while walking is "her" stance. Cute.


I'm limiting Stacia's binkies. I don't want her to have them except at nap time, bed time and chapel (snort). She's gotten desperate enough that she found the THERMOTER and ran out the back door. I found her. BUSTED!!!