Saturday, April 25, 2015

Geocache Success

Four  more finds and we hit 100! To think I thought we would reach 100 finds our first year...silliness.

We headed out late this afternoon as we'd accomplished much this a.m. and had our main meal at noon. We FOUND three today......this is what it looks like when everyone else has found it and you are still looking......We'll go back in a few months and pick blackberries  for a cobbler or smoothie when we're living in the trailer.

"Someone" has a short attention span - note I did not drop the camera when the bee flew into the shot
We failed to find this one again - but at least it wasn't raining.  I enjoyed the wildflowers.

Another find....this one resulted in many thorns in various clothes and many drops of blood.....and someone ended up with lots of thorns inside her pants - inner wasn't quite as dramatic as the bee incident....but when I turned to unzip and release some thorns someone #2 made a comment about "Now, it's a complete geocaching trip."
Doesn't this just SCREAM geocache?
But there wasn't......
After all that and a 20 min walk I STILL need 1400 steps....hitting the elliptical. 

Great Week

A busy - but a good week. All in all a balanced week full of both work and play.

We finished table and couch school. We participated in four Bible studies (2 PWOCs, 1 PMOC, 1 Family study). M&Ms (moms and mentors) met this week; we all enjoy this small group opportunity. The kids play with little ones and I play with Mommies.  PWOC Page Turners met to discuss A.D. 30 - definitely a play session for moi.  I said goodbye to a mentor and enjoyed two opportunities to connect over lunch with dear friends. Michael and I attended four hours of retirement related meetings - one with a VA rep and one with a financial planner.  Michael worked a full week - one highlight being a conversation with his soon arriving replacement. We look forward to meeting them and passing the baton.   We had numerous texts from Gherkins and even a phone call or two.  I hit at least 10K steps daily - often prompted to a second evening workout - meetings and school take a lot of time but don't take a lot of steps.

There were plenty of moments for play. We  explored new "healthier" recipes...the kids like the no-bake chocolate/peanut butter/coconut oil cookies. I like them too much - enough said. These were billed as "sugar free" but with honey included in the mix  - it's false billing. They are still a better option for the kids than the traditional ones.

We visited briefly with a friend who has been off work and out of chapel due to surgery.

We all made minor progress on our various "fun reading."

Saturday is usually our family rest/play day. Michael wasn't scheduled to preach - but is. That
Hangars and sticks beat wifi and play station around here
changes the format of Saturday. ::wink::  It does mean he should get a CTO (day off) sometime next week which means we may be able to make a quick trip to see his Mom - we've been trying to find a weekend to do that since March.  We also need to prepare for tomorrow's potluck.  I PROMISED Stacia I would take her out on our Saturday morning breakfast date. We've not made it for several weeks. This insures there will be PLAY in this day. LOL

Wise Moms realize even big boys need time to play - and boy's play will not, on the norm,  resemble girl's play whatsoever. Proof, once again, that anything can become  a game  and my boys are truly happiest when burning off some energy....and the house functions much better if they do so regularly. ::snort::