Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Josi's Birth Story from Bachan's Perspective

What we didn't say online is we have been on baby watch for a week, and we weren't sure Carrie would make it to today - her induction date.  Jess, her sister-in-law, has been sleeping at their home all week. My phone has been charged, with me and ON all week.  But TODAY - we met up bright and early at Providence. 

Jess braiding Carrie's hair

We settled in for a long day. I love this blanket Carrie and Livie brought from home. Their neighbor from Carrie's assignment in England made it for Liv. The squares are photos of Josiah. 

About this time Jess and I ran down to get drinks and a bite at one of the shops downstairs. I promptly dropped my phone in the toilet. Therefore, the rest of these photos are compliments of Jess. I was unable to send updates to anyone at home - and I'm sorry for that - but I was glad to be forced to be in the moment and not on my phone! 

Eventually, things picked up. It was an honor and a joy to share this day with Carrie and Livie and Jess. 

And then Josi Faith was here! She's perfection.  Perfection because she's a new life. But in this moment, it hit me...she's a piece of Josiah who will continue on...and there were tears.  Josiah's presence was so missed. He should have been there and it's horribly unfair that another's rage robbed his family of his presence. We had been so focused the emotions were in check but at this moment...we shared grief and joy together.  Josi Faith arrived on Feb 7th, 2024 at 6:12 p.m. She was 20 in long and 7 lbs 12 oz. 

A word about the nurses at Providence. I know Carrie works there, but these nurses are exceptional. They care for their patients with a level of compassion and grace that isn't always seen. The plan had been for Livie to cut the cord. They prepared her for a bit of blood. When the time came Liv declared she was not going to do it. Carrie asked me to do it. I've never got to cut a baby's cord and was thrilled. 

As I got ready, I felt Liv would regret NOT cutting the cord and offered the honor to her, but she was still not wanting it. I used my Bachan voice and asked her to come on up and help me. It was a good call...we did it together and Liv is excited to have done it.  And, yes, there was more blood than either of us expected. 
What a great moment with Liv & Josi. 

My and grief manifested. 

I'm so proud of Carrie. Labor is never easy. Labor and postpartum in the midst of grief - unthinkable. Yet, Carrie did the unthinkable. Michael said it best when he went to meet Josi, "It is almost as if you can SEE Josiah in the room with you." 

Love these girls - Josiah's Girls

I left the hospital to head to JaRissa's. Remember, my phone was not working. I knew I wouldn't have the GPS but was sure I knew the way back to the highway. Somehow, I turned left when I should have gone right and ended up at the AIRPORT instead of NORTH of Anchorage. I was totally turned around and visited quite a few of the seamier neighborhoods of Anchorage before a police officer directed me back on the path to the highway.  What should have taken me 30 minutes took over 2 hours. I had no phone numbers, no phone, no gps... it was an adventure.