Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Gherkins Save the Day

Our Children bless my socks off.

We left the house early Wednesday to go clean and vacuum the library at the Far West Campus. We also had to find a couple of tables, chairs and toys. They did all this without one complaint and THEN watched 16 kids for us while the moms met with me for a PWOC Board Meeting. Due to recent chapel policy changes (which I do love) we find we really need to conserve hours. We did not have enough hours for Children's ministry during board meetings and programs...BUT if we meet in the library our youth can watch the kids while we meet in the glassed in room....line of sight. This allowed us to save children's hours for single moms and mom's whose husbands are gone for our monthly LIFTS (Ladies in Fellowship Together).

It was HOT. I couldn't figure out how to turn the AC on.

We had a good business meeting.

We discussed four chapters of, Leading Women Who Wound, and we toured the new facility so we could visualize where Bible studies and children's ministry would be.

We didn't finish cleaning up until 2:00 p.m. and we didn't want to drive home to drive back to base for Family Bible Study. We set out to find things to do on base. It was a VERY warm we got something cold for all at Burger King. We went grocery shopping. We stopped by the POW cell block....

Finally, we had dinner at the Dining Facility. They have lots of vegan options and we girls enjoyed it much better than Burger King.

Bible study was good as we discussed Goodness and Faithfulness. There were over 20 of us this week and the interaction was fun.

It was a full day.

Choosing Joy!
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