Friday, May 18, 2007


Now I can blog. We have been planning a surprise for Josiah's Graduation for the past few months. Everyone knew - even Zander and Josiah did NOT find out. Yippee!

We headed for rehearsal tonight. 5:00 - 6:00 was for setting up display tables and the reception area. We set up Josiah's table. It looks nice.

Mike told Josiah he was going to take the younger ones for dinner and come back for rehearsal at 6:00.

"Dinner" at the airport (and they did grab a banana at home)
Right before we left the house, the girls called. They were to be in at 9:30 tonight but got on a standby flight and would be in at 5:45.

Back at rehearsal, I tapped Cy on the shoulder. He looked back with a puzzled look. SURPRISE!!! It took SECONDS - several - while he stared at them before he realized what he was seeing. Cool. He was especially glad to hear they were staying for more than one day - they'll be here until the 27th.
Huh? WHAT?

Think he's happy?
Can you believe that rehearsal was only 40 minutes? This is the BEST group we've ever graduated with! LOL Oh and the parents get to SAY something and PRAY with their graduate.
Josiah headed out for dinner with the graduates. The rest of us went out for REAL dinner. Jamin will be at work until 10:00 - and then we'll have all the chicks in the nest. Yippee!!!

Jamin Milestone

Jamin Going In to His First Day of Work at Chick Fil A


Yep, Debbie, he has a black eye.


Jared has made $155 towards World View Academy this week. He did our outside windows - and they look great. He did 4 yards.

Today he "tamed the amazon".....the grass was WAIST HIGH when he started....he discovered lots of poisionous caterpillars, snakes, wasps.....and then he mowed through a thunder storm...but he finished and they paid him $60. LOL