Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Recess at the Swimming Hole

 Warm, sunny days have been predicted this week. I looked over the schedule and thought Tuesday was a time we could break away to the swimming hole....Arielle and the boys joined us.  I told the girls Grandpa and I were going swimming with the boys and Arielle. They opted to get up EARLY and get their school work finished before 10 a.m. Yes, remember, we took July off and it's AUGUST now. WHAT??? 

How fun for this Baachan to be splashed again by a little guy! Being a boy mom is loads of fun. 

Swimming in Alaska is not without challenges. It isn't bad once one allows themselves to become numb. LOL 

This crazy woman made some sort of bet with her husband which required her to SWIM, as opposed to wading.....

Benny was not impressed with the immersion experience. 

As we got ready to leave I noted the floating tube thingy I bought at a Bella sale up high on a garage shelf. Arielle got it down for me. I must put the pump in the van....but it was fun. Michael has reminded me we also have an inflatable boat we could take to the swimming hole. We just need another warm day or two. 

Stacia's sweatshirt is off, Allie is in the numbing process....her sweatshirt will be off soon.

I noticed skies were blue and sunny to the left...and gray and cloudy to the right. It's all in what you choose to set your gaze on. That'll preach. 

Grandpa doesn't swim. He does like getting out...his respite. I remembered the paper today. These outings go better if I remember the paper. LOL 

Arielle was happy to paddle around the area...as far as she could go and back. 

The girls made Benny's day by making an "amazing" sand castle with him. It was a compound really...I was impressed Arielle remembered sand toys. She later confessed she grabbed them from our recycling when she grabbed the floating thingy. Allie said this was the first sand castle she remembered making....pre-schoolers are so good for us, they give us many excuses to PLAY. 

Benny provides splash assistance

Stacia attempted to convince Allie and Arielle she was HELPING them BALANCE by propping her feet on the back of the kayak and letting them pull her around. ::snort:: 

She did provide the same assistance to Allie. 

Benny introduces Danny to stick fighting...

A word about Danny....we know his crawling days are fast approaching.  In the past he has been content to sit and smile at GG. 

Not so much today...he's on the move! I'm not sure it's official crawling yet, but this guy got all over the beach...and OFF the blanket. He did NOT want to sit in his chair and smile at the activity today. He wanted in it...the rocks, the sticks, the mud....he wanted it all. And he got it all. LOL 

📷by Arielle

It was inevitable, as any boy mom knows.  Many girls enjoy building a compound and leaving it for others to play with....most boys want to destroy the compound -  at least once. It took a bit of talking for Allie and Stacia to be o.k. with it...but yep, Arielle and Benny instigated the flood of '21 which wiped out the sand castle compound. Note the fog is lifting by this time. 

Van life - it's a good life. 

It was a bit chillier than we expected. I'm glad when Arielle and I discussed it in the driveway, we decided to make the most of it.  We needed the recess...which we also labeled PE and Driving Time. 

In a truly frightening moment I noted Birch leaves turning yellow...could it mean...nah August is SUMMER.  This happened today too.... I thought the girls were moving GG to revival...singing, praying....in the end he said they are turning into  good drivers.