Sunday, September 06, 2015

Laundry is God's Provision

Today was a longish travel day. Longer than we want to travel in a day. We want to stop and explore. We left Valley of the Rogue around 0830 and drove through to Beale Fam Camp.

It was odd coming back. We really are ready to be moving into a new season and yet, here we are. Michael has an appointment this week and others sprinkled through October and November. We may envision ourselves roaming free, but reality is we're still tethered to the area.
Turns out the folks who were supposed to be moving out today decided to stay another day - so we are sitting in another spot for tonight and will move to our "spot for the week" tomorrow. The benefit of the situation is we got a free spot tonight. LOL

It was fun to run into friends at the commissary...
We opted for dinner at West Side Pizza - where everyone blew spent some energy

Today, I discovered laundry can be great "me time" or "couple time" for a full timing family.  Laundry piles up just as fast in the Caboose as it did in the SB (sticks and brick house).  I love the way we have all naturally begun to find a routine and pitch in to get the job done...the kids are playing more games, we're having more time to talk and certainly more time to play together. It's all good...but yes, sometimes one just needs to have a private spot to either be alone or sit with a spouse- laundry is God's provision.

Who wouldn't want to do laundry with a sunset like this