Friday, May 13, 2016

#WYFF - A Busy Friday

A busy Friday! Jared and Jamin ran to Doole to pack his clothes and such. 

Krista worked to finish two papers/finals for her first semester of her MDiv. Michael edited papers. 

Arielle, Stacia and I picked up Josiah at Fam Camp and headed to the mall. Josiah checked in with his "old" Chick Fil A. It was heartening to see the warm reaction from co-workers and customers alike. 

Stacia and I got haircuts and such.....Krista and the boys took a study break and went for a walk downtown. 

The older male Gherkins all went to pick up the Wedding cake and deliver it to Larissa's grandparents.
Michel arrived. He and Steven have been friends with the boys since junior high. They will both be groomsmen on Sunday. We chatted a bit and then our boys, and all left for dinner and a movie - bachelor party. Steven met them at the restaurant so avoided a nasty photo. LOL

The girls and I went for a walk while Michael finished either editing a paper or the wedding ceremony.....we stopped in for a quick visit with Deja. Team A is doing all the cooking for the Graduation/Rehearsal dinner...and the shopping.  What a blessing.

Michael's 1/2 brother Earl and his wife arrived. We all went out for a nice dinner at Outback. It's always fun to catch up with them. Jerome, their son, will arrive tomorrow. He'll miss graduation but arrive in time for the party and the wedding.  We're excited to see him again too.

It's been busy - but I think we're ready for the weekend.