Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We're Moving Tomorrow

Beautiful morning walks at Beale are the norm. Yuuki often has to drag me out -  but I'm always glad to have gone.

It's been frosty and COLD - I need to find some winter clothes or move south. 

Speaking of WEATHER - there are hints and predictions of a storm moving in on Thursday and staying through Saturday.....percip down low and snow and ice on the passes.

Our plan was to get two weeks of school done this week, play with the S girls on Friday and leave early Saturday a.m.

This morning we began to seriously consider going to OR tomorrow. THEN we REMEMBERED Michael's meds weren't due in the pharmacy until Thursday afternoon. They have to order it and it takes 3 days. They won't order it until we're the exact days out AND Michael cannot miss a day or get it filled at Walmart in OR.

We prayed and kept moving towards leaving in the a.m.

Late this afternoon Michael decided to stop by the pharmacy and see if they had gotten the drug in. He requested it yesterday. We didn't expect them to be in, but hoped if they saw him they'd call us the minute it came in on Thursday.  THEY WERE IN.....and so.....

We are changing our plans and leaving in the a.m. It's been a whirlwind of a day.  We'll only get one week of school done this week - we'll take a couple of books to work on while we're gone and it will all be fine.

It will be great to be traveling again.

It will not be great to leave our tiny home behind - but we're leaving it behind this time for a variety of reasons.

It will be great to see Mom and Dad and the adult Gherkins. Three girls live in OR - two boys are going to meet us there before we come back here and Jared's plans are up in the air.