Monday, May 14, 2012

Ortho, Tricks and Games

  • "What time DOES the sun come up around here?" Krista up with the sun as is her mother...and the answer...04:18 this a.m. 
  • "Now you can see how beautiful this place is without snow!" Zander loves Japan and is happy to share it with the girls! 
  • Zander's accident was private ..... VERY private! And he had us all in stitches retelling it at dinner!
Arielle saw the ortho today! UGH. He said she is only the second patient he's seen in his practice who has had this happen...I knew I didn't want to hear. Her bite has WAY over-corrected. I knew this. She is having trouble talking, she can't chew....He had said they purposefully over-correct as the teeth move back after they are done...but hers don't even match of getting braces off she will go a month without rubber bands...and then if it isn't where he wants it she will rubber bands again - THIS time in reverse. 

The girls and I ran to the mall today. Always fun...Krista has some ideas for journals that I want to try for WILD....not being crafty I'm leery - but SHE makes it sound easy. ::snort:: 

The kids have been working to re-teach Yuuki how to roll over. Ms. Susi told us she USED to do this trick....She really likes to sit, stay, and shake...the commands we have used....she's a bit rusty on rolling...

 By the end of the day....

Dinner was Gyudon, rice, fruit and salad....and it was fun to have a host of folks in the kitchen helping and simply talking while I worked. I miss that greatly.  The kids played games....
All have gone to bed. I stayed up to do a bit of WILD work....and am heading to bed as soon as I hit publish and switch the load in the washer to the dryer.

Choosing Joy!
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