Sunday, March 27, 2016

Final Day at Beale Fam Camp

We woke up bright and early, thankful to navigate the shower house and make it on time for church.  Always a good time - and we're going to miss this church greatly.

We enjoyed our first Easter lunch in The Caboose,  then set about buttoning things up for an easy getaway tomorrow. Michael took wheels and pedals off bikes so they ALL fit in the back of the van. This will simplify the inside prep in the a.m. - and it will also make it harder for someone to steal bikes out of the van on travel days. They won't get far even if they do break in during our lunch.

When we'd finished we went for a walk - our mission to feed the ducks in the lake....doesn't everyone feed the ducks with sticks.....

We enjoyed ice cream around the fire.....and visiting with neighbors.

Nolan is still working on his book 

The Game - a funny thing happened with the game last night.  These two were walking around and around the loop.They'd done this for HOURS. The rest of us were content to chat around the fire. It was nearly quiet time - 9:50 p.m. A small white truck pulled into our loop, stopped in front of the kids and began talking. I heard Alex say, "My trailer is over there." The conversation continued. By this time I deducted someone was worried about Stacia and quizzing Alex. Social situations he has not anticipated are not his forte. He was making a gallant effort, however, and wasn't saying anything wrong......I could tell he was getting flustered. I walked over and it was security forces. He said he'd noted they were walking around and he was "just checking to be sure the young girl was o.k." I  thanked him. He said he didn't mean to scare them - but I was happy to know they were checking up on the kids' safety and that Alex  handled an unrehearsed social situation well.  The trooper couldn't see me by the fire. 

I settled down to do a final blog by this Beale fingers stung a bit. A cinder landed on my keyboard. I flicked it off - but it left a melted spot. Hot Metal!

It's a bit "sad" to pull away from Beale again - but if you're going to live in an RV, staying in one spot 5 months is a bit too long. We're happy to find  new adventures.  We'll pass through again on our way to TX and then on the way to ID......and....we'll be back in September to see the doctors again. LOL
Fam Camp and Lake Blackwelder
Beale Fam Camp has been a nice home for us while we worked out the details of Michael's diagnosis. We're ready to move on. Check out the link to see what it looked like before all this rain. LOL